Um, Consider Me Obsessed with this Drag Queen's Makeup Wizardry

Our series Cosmo Queens is the perfect watch for all makeup connoisseurs that want more inspiration on their mood boards. But, if you’re more the type that struggles to steadily apply a lash strip (same BTW,) you still gotta tune in. This show is a great study guide for all sorts of glam tips and tricks. In this week’s episode, we had the drag queen Digna with us to carry out the most flawless look. Let me just say, I was taking diligent mental notes to absorb just a smidgen of her mastery.

During the transformation, Digna committed to a palette of bright blue colors that made the look absolutely electrifying. Also, like the NYC-based queen she is, Digna impressively used a literal MetroCard to help her line up the eyeshadow and nose contour. I call that utilizing local resources.

With the platinum blonde wig and the striking glam, she was giving off major pop star energy. That bold matte black lip also worked so seamlessly with the completed face. I give it a 10/10. Check out the full video to witness this queen at work!

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