We Tried the Beauty Products TikTok Is Obsessed With

Move over, YouTube. TikTok has quickly become our go-to social media platform for discovering the latest in beauty.

TikTok users are quick to share truly game-changing beauty products. So when we see an item trending, we can bet that it’s a must-try. But are these products loved by TikTok users really worth the hype? There’s really only one way to find out. And, if there’s one thing the ET Style team truly loves, it’s trying all the latest products to give you the scoop on which ones are really worth your hard-earned cash. We’ve tried everything from the latest in beauty tech to mattresses.

After giving in to TikTok suggestions of everything from booty-lifting leggings to affordable jeans from Abercrombie and Gap, we decided to test out several beauty products that TikTok raved about to see if they were worth the coin. 

Read on to discover what ET’s Senior Style Editor Marisa Runyon thought of these surprisingly affordable, cult-favorite items.  

Hi, I’m Marisa, ET’s style expert!

When I’m not breaking down what our favorite celebs are wearing and scouring the internet to find where you can get their looks, you can usually find me scrolling TikTok. It’s quickly taken over as my favorite social media platform, and often the place where I discover new beauty products to try. Ahead, check out my reviews of some of TikTok’s most viral beauty items. And here’s the best part: Each item is priced low enough that they won’t break the bank. 

Norvell Venetian Sunless Solution and Beautify Beauties Flairosol Spray Bottle

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