A Place In The Sun presenter details backstage TV concerns: ‘Putting them out of work’

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A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton has expressed deep concern for those working behind the scenes in television, who could and have found themselves unemployed. It comes as a growing number of stars have had to film for programmes in the comfort of their homes, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is really sad

Laura Hamilton

Laura is currently filming a mystery show at home for Channel 5 that will be airing soon.

The presenter, who did not go into specifics about her latest role but said it was about “property”, exclusively told Express.co.uk: “It’s a big responsibility. I’m now a cameraman, soundman… there’s a part of me that’s like, this is really sad.

“Because I’ve got a lot of friends that are crew, and effectively I’m doing this show and putting them out of work. I’m sure things will change.”

She added: “The thought that I’m doing something and putting them out of work doesn’t sit comfortably with me, but at the same time I’m like, this is exciting!”


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Recently, Laura has been working on renovating her stunning South London home while on a break from filming popular series A Place In The Sun.

The 38-year-old is someone who enjoys keeping busy, alongside household DIY, and has taken the time during lockdown to deliver food to vulnerable people in her local community.

She revealed: “I’ve always been somebody who lives my life at a million miles an hour, even when this all happened! 

“I’ve got a friend on the sound crew in Scotland. I told him I was delivering groceries to people and he went, ‘Well Laura I knew you wouldn’t be sat on your a** doing nothing’.”

Since coronavirus forced many businesses to close, Laura saw an opportunity to make home deliveries in the area.

The star owns cafe/deli Lord Roberts on The Green that was once a small post office.

“We would go out at the weekend and do deliveries, and I would say to my little girl who is five, ‘We might not be saving lives in hospital, but look, we’re the superheroes of delivering stuff.'”

The new system is mainly to help those who may be high-risk shielding or unable to get to their local supermarket.

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Often while out on deliveries, it would result in her chatting with elderly residents.

Laura explained: “When we do deliveries, we stop and deliver their goods and they (customers) want to talk to you.

“You might be the only person they have seen in a week, we have definitely found that people reach out to us to get that human contact.”

Although restaurants and pubs are set to reopen this Saturday, Laura is going to be taking every precaution to ensure her customers remain safe and well looked after.


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She said: “We’ve got the benefit of the green opposite so that people can sit there, but on the flip side you’re going to have hesitant people who aren’t going to want to go out. We will still be there for those people.

“I’m anticipating we’re going to be very busy in our garden as we only have ten tables outside and I don’t want to open indoors just yet as I have to protect my staff.”

Before the coronavirus struck, the presenter employed a team of 24 staff, which has now been reduced to 16.

Currently, Laura has only “6 or 7” people working for her as the rest remain on “furlough” until further notice. 

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