Adam Carolla Says Gov. Newsom Should Be Recalled, Rails on Lockdown

Adam Carolla supports the recall effort gaining steam against Gov. Gavin Newsom — because he says the guy’s a tyrant, and that Californians should snap out of his BS spell.

We talked to the comedian Tuesday in Burbank, CA, where he was about to head into a restaurant his friend owns for a little sit-down meal … almost out of protest, it seems. It’s pretty clear … Adam thinks the new shutdown orders are ridiculous, and he explains why.

In his eyes, there’s just no proof to connect outdoor dining to massive outbreaks of coronavirus cases — he thinks Newsom’s just throwing crap at a wall and doing what he wants … behavior of an unhinged king, which Adam says Newsom is not.

He also speaks to Californians, telling them to stop acting like sheep by blindly taking orders … without thinking about the logic, or lack thereof, behind them.

Adam then pivots to a recall effort that’s been picking steam in recent days. It’s a grassroots movement started by people who are furious with Newsom over his closing of small businesses — especially restaurants — as well as what many call hypocritical behavior, as he was recently spotted maskless at a ritzy indoor shindig in Napa.

Might sound crazy, but the petition already has more than half the necessary signatures needed to get the issue on a ballot soon — and word is Newsom’s camp is nervous.

Adam is fully behind that effort, as he calls Newsom an “imbecile” … adding we’d be better off with a scarecrow. He also talks vaccine, and tells people not to be idiots when it comes to getting the shot.

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