Adam DeVine wants Jack Nicholson to play his grandfather

Adam DeVine has worked alongside a lot of famous actors over the years, but there’s one person he is dying to share the screen with.

“I want Jack Nicholson to come out of retirement and play my grandfather,” DeVine, who was recently named Captain Morgan’s “chief party officer,” told Page Six on Wednesday. “Nicholson, if you’re reading The Post, come out of retirement and play my grandfather.”

DeVine, who has starred in a number of romantic comedies recently, also said he would love to have Anna Kendrick as his love interest in a future film.

“I could see me and her doing a rom-com together,” the 34-year-old actor said. “I think that would be fun. And I just did one with Rebel [Wilson, called ‘Isn’t It Romantic’]. So I’m really covering every girl from the ‘Pitch Perfect’ movies. One by one I’ll go down the line and do rom-coms with every girl.”

However, DeVine — who rose to fame with Comedy Central’s “Workaholics,” is getting ready for a standup tour and produces and writes his own projects — isn’t sure if he’d ever be able to write a rom-com himself.

“My sensibilities don’t necessarily lend itself to rom coms,” he said. “I’ll be like writing a cute romantic scene and then I’m like, ‘It would be funny if his penis accidentally got cut off,’ and that’s where people stop me and go, ‘OK, we can’t shoot this.’ Maybe someday. I never say never.”

Not surprisingly, the Netflix film he recently produced is about someone who accidentally cuts off his penis and is appropriately titled “The Package.”

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