Adele admits she carries PG tips in her bag as she talks missing UK while in LA

Adelechatted to Capital Breakfast radio hostsRoman Kemp, Sian Welby and Sonny Jay this morning, 15 October, and admitted that Los Angeles brews aren’t as good as ones in England.

The Easy On Me singer is currently based in Los Angeles, but hopes to come home to the UK soon for a “decent cup of tea”.

Adele, who was born and raised in Tottenham, London, said that chatting to Roman, Sian and Sonny was making her homesick.

They then encouraged Adele to come back for a visit, but she explained that she can’t just yet as she’s waiting for her National Interest Exceptions (NIE), a policy created by the American authorities to allow people to travel to the US "whose entry is of national interest”.

She said: "Yeah I got locked out from home, but I was there a lot last year and it was lovely."

Sian then broached the topic of how cups of tea aren’t as nice in Los Angeles, something which Adele believes is down to the country’s dairy.

The Someone Like You singer said: “You can’t [get a decent cup of tea in LA] because the dairy is different. You know the cows. I’ve got PG tips all the time, I carry them in my handbag!"

Roman, Sian and Sonny also discussed how Jimmy Carr poked fun at Adele recently while on their show, and described her accent as being like a “plumber’s mate".

Playing the clip to Adele, Jimmy can be heard saying: “The thing I love about Adele – not just the music and the voice, the new single’s out on Friday, right? It’s pretty exciting because you know it’s going to be good. But, here’s the thing, when she does PR, when she does any stuff, it’s incredible. As soon as she opens her mouth, it’s like a plumber's mate.”

Adele saw the funny side of things, of course, and agreed that she has quite a distinct accent.

She said: “It’s true. I haven’t lost my accent at all and I’ve been here for like a few years, and haven’t lost my accent at all.”

Meanwhile, Adele’s fans have gone wild for the release of her first single in six years, with celeb fans such as Alicia Silverstone revealing it made her cry.

Alicia shared a video on TikTok of her listening to it while looking sad and picking up several bottles of alcohol. She captioned the funny clip: “Go easy on me @Adele… you always make me cry.”

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