Alec and Hilaria Baldwin in NYC after his 'workplace violence' remarks

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin walk in Manhattan with two children … after actor caught in controversy after slamming NFL player for ‘workplace violence’ after punching airline worker

  • Actor Alec Baldwin has taken to social media to call out ‘workplace abuse’ after a video showed Brendan Langley trading blows with an unnamed United Airlines worker on May 19 
  • Many online found that ironic given that Baldwin infamously shot dead cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, on the set of his film Rust in November
  • Baldwin has also previously brawled with a parking attendant trying to give him a ticket and a member of the paparazzi who took pictures of him and his wife, Hilaria, eating lunch 
  • In late-2011, Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines plane as the airline said he was abusive to the crew  
  • Footage of the fight at Newark airport involving Langley does not show how it began – all of what has been released so far shows the worker throwing the first punch 
  • He was fired on Monday but he has not yet been charged by Port Authority, whereas Langley was 
  • Langley was accused of using a wheelchair to transport his luggage instead of a paid-for luggage cart
  • He was booked by Port Authority for a single charge of assault but the airline worker was not charged 

Alec Baldwin took a walk with wife Hilaria and two kids in Manhattan Tuesday amid a controversy after he spoke out about ‘workplace abuse’ seven months after he accidentally fatally shot  a cinematographer on a film set, in addition to his past dust-ups with parking attendants, photographers and airline personnel.

The Oscar-nominated actor, 64, pushed a black stroller as he was clad in a navy blue button-up top with gray slacks and black shoes on the outing. He sported stubble and had his hair neatly combed to the side.

Hilaria, 38, wore a button-up light blue denim jacket over a black top with black pants on the spring day.

The latest: Alec Baldwin, 64, took a walk with wife Hilaria, 38, and two kids in NYC Tuesday amid a controversy after he spoke out about ‘workplace abuse,’ seven months after he accidentally fatally shot a cinematographer on a film set, in addition to his past dust-ups with parking attendants, photographers and airline personnel

The yoga expert, who is expecting her seventh child with the Glengarry Glen Ross actor, had her shoulder length light brown locks parted and wore slippers as she pushed a beige stroller.

Alec and Hilaria are parents to daughters Carmen, eight, and María Lucía, one, and sons Rafael, six, Leonardo, five, Romeo, four, and Eduardo, one; Alec is also father to model Ireland Baldwin, 26, with ex-wife Kim Basinger, 68.

Baldwin made headlines after he took to social media to call out ‘workplace abuse’ after a viral video showed former NFL player Brendan Langley and a United Airlines employee brawling.

‘The guy working at the airport is the victim,’ Baldwin wrote on Instagram Tuesday. ‘He came to work to do a job. The other guy, with his big mouth, is guilty of workplace abuse, where people come to work with an expectation of safety, even civility.’

Moving forward: The Oscar-nominated actor pushed a black stroller as he was clad in a navy blue button-up top with gray slacks and black shoes on the outing. He sported stubble and had his hair neatly combed to the side

Stylish: Hilaria wore a button-up light blue denim jacket over a black top with black pants on the spring day

Many online found the sentiment from Baldwin ironic given the shooting death of Halyna Hutchins, 42, on the set of his Western film, Rust, just last year and viral brawls with a parking attendant who was trying to give the 30 Rock actor a ticket and a member of the paparazzi who was trying to take a photo of him and his wife, Hilaria, in 2013.

‘A man who (accidentally) shot and killed his co-worker at work is lecturing us on WORKPLACE SAFETY? Ffs..’ Pierce Morgan wrote in the aftermath.

And conservative author Brigitte Gabriel wrote: ‘Alec Baldwin shouldn’t comment on anything ESPECIALLY workplace violence.’

Baldwin said in the post that ‘people come to work with an expectation of safety, even civility’ – which many found to be ironic

Alec Baldwin was pictured on Monday walking through a New York City park as he awaits another child with his wife, Hilaria

Baldwin co-produced and starred in the Western film Rust when he fatally shot an up and coming cinematographer in October

In 2013, Baldwin attacked a member of the paparazzi as he was taking pictures of him and his wife Hilaria when they were eating lunch. He pushed the paparazzo, Paul Adao, against a car and ordered him to immediately stop shooting

After he posted about the brawl between a pro-footballer and a United Airlines worker on Tuesday, people on Twitter slammed him for the irony

Baldwin, 64, has found himself at the center of several workplace safety violation lawsuits following the October 21 death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of his Rust.

He was pointing a vintage Colt at Hutchins inside a small church during the setup for the filming of a scene, court documents claim, when it went off – killing Hutchins and wounding the director, Joel Souza.

Baldwin – who also co-produced the film with Anjul Nigam – later claimed in court documents that he was following Hutchins’ guidance on how to hold the gun and pull back the trigger without actually firing a shot.

But the New Mexico Environment Department’s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau has released a report  citing a slew of ‘willful and serious’ safety violations following a six-month investigation into the circumstances leading up to the accidental shooting on the set.

Officials noted that while the film industry has ‘clear national guidelines’ for firearms safety, Rust Movie Productions ‘failed to follow these guidelines or take other effective measures to protect workers’.

The guidelines require live ammunition ‘never to be used nor brought onto any studio lot or stage’ and that safety meetings take place every day when firearms are being handled.

They also require that employees ‘refrain from pointing a firearm at anyone’ except after consultation with senior figures such as the armorer.

And lawyers for armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24, said the report showed that the she was ‘not provided adequate time or resources to conduct her job effectively, despite her voiced concerns’.

‘Critically, OSHA also determined that production failed to call Hannah in to perform her armorer duties and inspect the firearm right before its use in the impromptu scene with Baldwin,’ they said in a statement.

‘As we have stated before, had anyone from production called Hannah back into the church before the scene to consult with her, this tragedy would have been prevented.

‘Hannah has also reached out to OSHA recently in an effort to provide her suggestions for changes and improvement of safety standards on sets to avoid a tragic incident in the future.’

Environment cabinet secretary James Kenney said: ‘Our investigation found that this tragic incident never would have happened if Rust Movie Productions, LLC had followed national film industry standards for firearm safety.

‘This is a complete failure of the employer to follow recognized national protocols that keep employees safe.

‘Employees should speak up about unsafe workplace conditions or report them anonymously to us.’

Rust Movie Productions was fined $136,793, the maximum allowable by state law in New Mexico, as a result of the investigation.

Halyna Hutchins, 42, was shot and killed on the set of Rust when Baldwin shot a prop gun that accidentally went off

Baldwin could be seen here speaking on the phone in the parking lot outside of the Rust set in New Mexico after the fatal shooting

Still, the Rust production company argued in court documents earlier this month that the OHSB is unequipped to make determinations of safety violations on movie sets.

They claimed that the production company was not responsible for supervising the film set.

‘The law properly permits producers to delegate such critical functions as firearm safety to experts in that field and does not place such responsibility on producers whose expertise is in arranging financing and contracting for the logistics of filming,’ a filing reads.

Rust Movie Productions also claims it enforced all safety protocols on set.

‘The first was not a misfire at all and did not involve a firearm – it was a harmless noise from a special effects ‘popper.’ The other two involved discharges of blank rounds. Contrary to NMED’s statements, none of the ‘misfires’ violated firearm safety protocols on the set and appropriate corrective actions were taken, including safety briefings of cast and crew.’

They are now planning to resume production on the film now that Santa Fe authorities completed their investigation into the fatal shooting.

‘Rust is obviously a horrific tragedy. The investigation will hopefully be resolved soon and will unveil what happened,’ Nigam told the Hollywood Reporter earlier this month.

‘Obviously, there will be people out there who will have negative perspectives, but we’re confident about continuing to make quality movies. We’re confident we’ll be able to complete the movie.’

Baldwin had previously pleaded guilty to charges of harassment and was sentenced to anger management classes and a $120 fine. He is pictured in 2018 walking out of the New York Police Department’s 10th Precinct after being arrested over the dispute

Baldwin has also previously settled a lawsuit with a man who sued him after the hot-headed actor allegedly beat him up in a fight over a parking spot outside the star’s Manhattan apartment in 2018. 

Wojciech Cieszkowski sued Baldwin the following year for assault and slander, claiming the actor punched him in the jaw and shoved him.

Cieszkowski is said to have unwittingly taken a parking spot that Baldwin was waiting for outside his East 10th Street apartment in Greenwich Village.

Baldwin then countersued for defamation and claimed Cieszkowski fabricated his claim about being punched when in fact he had been ‘lightly pushed’.

Both men then claimed that nearby surveillance video of the melee would each prove their version of events was the correct one. 

But Baldwin eventually pleaded guilty to harassment over the incident in January 2019. He had to pay a $120 fine and  sentenced to anger management classes. 

He has also had a number of physical and verbal altercations on the streets of New York in the past. 

In 1995, he allegedly punched a cameraman who filmed him and then-wife Kim Basinger returning home from the hospital with newborn daughter Ireland. 

In late-2011, he found himself kicked off an American Airlines plane for slamming a bathroom door after being repeatedly told he needed to stop playing Words With Friends while the flight was preparing for takeoff.

American Airlines said in a statement of the incident that ‘the passenger was extremely rude to the crew, calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language,’ CNN reported December 7, 2011.

Baldwin subsequently said in a blog for The Huffington Post that he was ‘singled out’ by a flight attendant to put away his phone ‘in the most unpleasant of tones.’

The actor said, ‘I guess the fact that this woman, who had decided to make some example of me, while everyone else was left undisturbed, did get the better of me.’

And in 2013, he was suspended for two weeks by MSNBC for an incident in which he called a New York Post photographer a ‘c***-s***ing f****t,’ with the network then deciding to cancel his show, Up late With Alec Baldwin.

That same year, he got into an altercation with a photographer for the New York Post, later admitting that he has problems with the press.

He told Gothamist at the time that: ‘The one element of culpability I have is I did let it get to me, and I have been confrontational with them.’ 

Brendan Langley was arrested at the airport on Thursday for ‘assaulting’ the United Airlines worker. Video of the brawl went viral, right 

A United Airlines worker hit a passenger at an airport check-in desk before being punched to the ground

The employee is left bloodied on a luggage conveyor belt after the vicious brawl at Newark Airport

Footage shared online shows the staffer struggling on his feet after suffering several heavy blows to the head

But now, Baldwin has decided to weigh in on a viral video showing Brendan Langley in a brawl with a United Airlines employee at the Newark International Airport on Thursday. 

Videos of the fight have showed Langley and the employee sparring – and all of the footage that has been released so far shows the airline worker throwing the first punch. Langley could even be heard asking the employee to stop hitting him.

But Langley, who once played in the NFL for the Denver Broncos and most recently played for the Calgary Stampeders in Canada, was the only one arrested. 

It’s unclear why the airline worker was not booked. He was taken to the hospital instead to be treated for a wound to his eye whereas Langley was booked on a single count of simple assault on Thursday. 

It is believed that the fight began when Langley used a wheelchair to transport his luggage, instead of a paid-for luggage cart which cost $5. 

United Airlines has refused to name the passenger or explain exactly what happened but a spokesman told the worker has now been fired.  

Langley, 27, has not commented on the arrest. He is from Georgia but recently was living in Calgary 

Footage being shared does not show the start of the altercation but it does show the employee striking the passenger in the face

The United worker managed to land one punch but was then pummeled to the ground, flying behind the check-in desk and onto the carousel. 

He staggered back up to his feet, stumbling towards the passenger who yelled incredulously: ‘He wants more? He wants more!’ 

Other airline workers intervened and the passenger was then removed from the airport by police. 

United would not state whether the airline worker has been disciplined for his role in the fight. 

In a statement, a spokesman said only: ‘United Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or on board our planes and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter.’ 

Port Authority would not comment on whether or not charges were expected against the United worker.  

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