Alec Baldwin returns to 'SNL' to spoof Trump-Kanye West meeting in Oval Office

Alec Baldwin tires of Trump

President says watching him is agony.

Alec Baldwin returned to “Saturday Night Live” to spoof this week's meeting between Kayne West and President Trump in the show’s cold open sketch.

Baldwin reprised his role as Trump as he welcomed West, played by Chris Redd, into the Oval Office. Cast member Kenan Thompson played NFL legend Jim Brown.

As Trump, Baldwin first thanks West, who donned a "Make America Great Again" hat, for giving him a pair of Yeezy sneakers.

“They’re perfect for me because they’re white, they’re wide, and they’re never going to be worth as much as you say they are,” Baldwin’s Trump says before allowing West “to make one or two brief lucid remarks.”

Redd’s character then rambles about everything from the MAGA hat to calling 13th Amendment "a trap door" and claiming that time is a "myth."

“Oh, this guy might be cuckoo,” Trump says to himself in a voiceover. “And I've been in a room with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un and they made a lot more sense than him.”

The “SNL” version of West then switches topics to Chicago’s murder rate, which he claims is declining so fast that “We’re going to be digging bodies out of the ground.”

“He doesn’t stop,” Trump thinks to himself. “He doesn’t listen to anyone but himself. Who does he remind me of?”

West then calls himself a “stable genius” and has “the best words,” familiar phrases uttered by the real Trump.

“Oh my God, he’s black me!,” Trump says.

During the back and forth, Brown questions his place in the meeting.

"What have I gotten myself into?" he says in his own voiceover. "I played football with a leather helmet, and my brain is still working better than his? Can someone be tri-polar?"

The skit parodied a wildly entertaining meeting between the real-life Trump and West in the White House on Thursday. During the press conference, West talked about a range of subjects, including the 13th and Second amendments, North Korea and Superman.

The big lesson from the meeting, Baldwin’s Trump says, was that “black people love me.”

“They love me more than they love Alec Baldwin.”

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