Alex Reid pictured outside court as he awaits Katie Price damages ruling

Alex Reid put on a brave face outside court today as he awaits a judge’s ruling on damages he will receive after suing his ex-wife Katie Price.

The 44-year-old stood outside a High Court in London on Monday (9 March) flanked by his legal team after attending a hearing relating to his lawsuit against Katie. 

Alex and Katie, 41, married in Las Vegas in 2010 but divorced the following year. 

Last year, the former cage fighter had sued the ex glamour model alleging breach of confidence, misuse of private information and breach of contract. 

In November, a judge ruled that Alex was entitled to damages and today, Mr Justice Warby said he would decide how much he was entitled to this week. 

Katie did not appear in court for Monday’s hearing. 

Alex told Warby that Katie had said things about him which led to him being ‘denigrated in the street’. 

Barrister Philip Williams, who is representing Alex, said his client thought Katie had acted maliciously to ‘further her own profile’ and ‘for her own financial gain’. 

Katie is accused of showing footage of Alex on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side in January 2018. Alex also claims that Katie made details about his private life public at a 50th birthday for Simon Cowell 10 years ago and had repeated what she said on other occasions. 

Some of this is related to ‘cross dressing antics’. 

Alex told Warby: ‘She was talking about me being a cross-dresser and said she had named her horse “Jordan’s Cross Dresser”. 

‘It is absolutely horrendous.’ 

Williams told the court: ‘It’s an understatement to say that it had a devastating effect on him. 

‘Whatever money he is paid, it’s just not going to give him his life back. It’s been destroyed. He was mortified on being told that she had shown this private material to people.’ 

Warby told Alex: ‘You accept that some of the things you complain about have now become widely known?’ 

Alex replied: ‘I had mentioned cross-dressing. After Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday, she [Ms Price] did an exclusive 20-minute interview about it with the BBC.

‘What was I to do? I loved the woman – I was about to marry her.

‘I wanted to be a champion, to speak out about this sort of thing. I wasn’t being publicly denigrated at that time. I was seen in the same light as someone like Eddie Izzard.’ 

He continued: ‘I’ve been publicly denigrated by someone with so much power. It’s absolutely soul-destroying. 

‘Even recently I’ve suffered from extreme mental health. I’m currently seeing a cognitive behavioural therapy practitioner under the NHS because of this very reason.

‘She publicly tried to destroy me.’ 

The court heard a witness statement from Alex, who claimed he was blackmailed in 2013. 

‘I was absolutely horrified by the fact Katie was holding onto this footage,’ the court heard.

‘I was also blackmailed in 2013, they ended up being prosecuted. 

‘How that footage came to the blackmailers, the only feasible answer, was that it could have come from Ms Price.’

It is understood Ms Price denies this, and says her iPad was stolen.

The court heard: ‘Katie’s publicist also told me that Katie had shared sexually explicit material to Katie’s hairdresser and their friends.’ 

Williams told the judge that Alex should be awarded £25,000 damages and added that, had Katie not been declared bankrupt last year, he would have increased the claim requested to £60,000. 

Warby said in a brief statement that he was going to take time to consider his decision and prepare a written judgment ‘which will set out the sum I have arrived at and the reasons I have arrived at it’. 

His decision will be handed down later this week.

Outside court, Alex insisted he had not taken legal action against Katie ‘for revenge’ and said he would be contacting his MP and the CPS again over the allegations. 

He explained: ‘Today was a small victory. I have so much sadness within my heart… 

‘I have always been the kind of guy to keep my head down and keep moving forward. 

‘To protect my future, I had to stand up to her.’

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