Alexis Ren Goes Braless Under Purple Stole & Shiny Bikini Bottoms On Instagram

Alexis Ren posed braless under a purple stole on Instagram, which was an image captured by Gilles Bensimon. In the photo, the model was seen facing the camera but looking down, as she appeared to reach toward her head with her right hand. She also wore a pair of purple, shiny bikini bottoms while the stole was positioned to censor her curves. The photo was captioned, “She’s got all the right moves.”

Meanwhile, the model reflected on 2018 in an IGTV video. She started off by saying that she started off the year “being pulled in all different directions,” and attributed that to her not knowing exactly what she wanted without a plan. She said that she was looking for a place to call home and a place where she could be herself, “not the Instagram model.” This is probably one of the few times that Ren has completely allowed herself to be vulnerable to her fans recently, preceded by first first-ever Q&A video where she answered fan questions, some which were fairly personal.

Not only that, Alexis revealed on December 14 that she was “sleeping on a friends couch while apartment hunting,” which is something she might have hid from others but decided to be open about.

Previously, she talked with Byrdie about some of her early influences, which included homeschooling and dance.

“Growing up in a way where dance was a huge part of my life definitely created an amazing environment for me. I was homeschooled, so I spent five to six hours a day just dancing. So that’s something I try to do as much as I can.”

Plus, Ren talked about her eating routine. Notably, the model once struggled with an eating disorder, so her understanding of diet is likely to be deeper than most people’s.

“As far as my diet, I make sure to have protein with absolutely every meal. That’s one huge thing I’ve learned! It helps with muscle recovery and eventually that helps boost your metabolism, and those muscles are burning fat even when you’re not doing anything. Also eating consistently—small amounts, not huge meals—has been really good for my metabolism.”

Whatever the case, it seems that Alexis is ending 2018 on an introspective level, and hopefully, she can reach her goals for 2019. It certainly appears that she is willing to let fans into more of who she is, instead of giving people an image at face value via social media.

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