Allison Janney Shocks Property Brothers With Her Dramatic Renovation Outfit – See the Trailer Here!

Allison Janney knows how to make an entrance!

Property Brothers stars Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott were visibly shocked when Allison joined them for a kitchen demolition in a dramatic backless red gown and construction boots in the latest episode of their spinoff show Celebrity IOU, which features stars giving back to important people in their lives by gifting them home renovations.

Allison gave back to her assistant and close friend Ilana, who has worked for the award-winning actress for over 20 years, by updating her kitchen, dining room and living area.

“To do this for Ilana feels right,” Allison said. “It feels really good to give to someone like her who’s been there for me in ways I would have never expected.”

Other notable guests on Celebrity IOU include Brad Pitt and Zooey Deschanel, who has been dating Jonathan for over a year.

A few months ago Allison said her co-star leaving her show Mom was “a huge loss” – click here to see who she was talking about!

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