Amanda Bynes Speaks Out Publicly After Her Surprise Engagement

Amanda Bynes gave a rare update to her fans on Thursday, speaking out in an Instagram video.

Bynes, 33, recently made headlines with her announcement on Instagram that she got engaged. A source later told ET that her fiancé is 28-year-old Paul Michael, whom she met a little more than two months ago while they were in the same sober living facility, though they do not live together. While Bynes didn’t address her engagement in her video, she did tell fans she was starting her own clothing line.

“‘Sup Instagram, just wanted to say hi to all of my followers and I really wanted to say I appreciate you guys so much for supporting me,” she says. “I wanted to check in, let you know that I’m out to dinner right now with my friend Cathy, who’s a student advisor at FIDM, my college. I’m really looking forward to starting my clothing line and I’m hoping in the near future, it’ll be out online.”

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In June, Bynes shared a pic of herself graduating from the Los Angeles-based Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising [FIDM]. In her interview with Paper magazine in November 2018, she told the outlet that she was set to receive her Associate’s of Art degree in Merchandise Product Development after enrolling in the school in 2014.

Meanwhile, in December, a source told ET that Bynes checked out of a sober living facility on her own and was looking for a place to live in the L.A. area. According to the source at the time, Bynes — as well as her parents and their conservatorship attorney — met with a judge to make sure it was acceptable that Bynes live on her own after she was out of the sober living facility.

However, on Wednesday, a source told ET that days after Bynes left the facility, the judge in her conservatorship case ordered her to return to sober living. According to the source, Bynes’ parents have also actually never met her new fiance. The source noted that since Bynes is still under a conservatorship, she cannot legally get married unless the judge and her conservator, her mom, Lynn, sign off on the nuptials.

For more on Bynes’ engagement, watch the video below:

Amanda Bynes Shares Photo With Her 'Lover' Following Engagement

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