Amanda Kloots Revealed That Nick Cordero’s Eyes Have Opened Following Trach Tube Procedure

Nick Cordero‘s eyes have opened following a procedure to take him off the respirator, his wife Amanda Kloots shared in an Instagram Story this week.

The 41-year-old Broadway star’s wife has been keeping fans updated on his progress during his battle with coronavirus. He was first admitted to the hospital at the end of March.

“The doctors say Nick is looking good. His settings on everything are getting better, so he says that there’s good progress,” she said in the update via People. “And now we just need him to wake up.”

Amanda added that Nick‘s “eyes are opening up but they’re not connected to anything right now. So we just need them to connect to something.”

She also mentioned that she’s been in contact with others who have had loved ones recover from the virus to “get an idea of the mindset of when they wake up out of a coma and what they remember,” and says that those discussions are very helpful for her to know what to expect.

“One of the things they said is that the first step is that the eyes open. The second step is that the eyeballs sort of track [movement],” Amanda said. “We are at eyes open, which is great. We just need, like, the mental status to kick in.”

Nick has a trach tube put in over the weekend to help him breathe and also had a leg amputation during his ongoing battle.

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