Amber Gill says she’s ‘done trying to please others’ on Instagram and admits she often deletes the app

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Love Island winner Amber Gill has grown a huge follower base on Instagram since leaving the hit reality show, but the star admits there have been times when she’s had to delete the app.

The brunette beauty, 23, has a whopping 2.7 million followers on the social media platform and she often shares updates on her busy life, from amazing outfits to trips abroad.

Yet glitz and glamour to one side, Amber spoke to OK! Online about how she felt she needed to reinvent herself on the platform.

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She explained: “I think I’m going to be a lot more conscious about what I post and just making sure that everything is in line with what I want to be doing.

“Instagram is literally like a highlight reel and the best bits of your life and people take your life and take a judgement of what your life is like or how happy you are from Instagram, and it’s not necessarily a true reflection of how people are feeling.”

Discussing a candid video she’d posted back in August on Instagram where the star admitted “I seem like I’ve got it together when really I don’t,” Amber told us she shared the three minute video because she wanted to change direction on the platform.

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The 23 year old, who recently shared her £20 bargain curl routine, told us: “I was still being me and talking on my stories and my captions were funny and I was still being myself but I thought my content wasn’t really a reflection of what I wanted to post.

“So I thought I’m just going to record what I’m thinking and say it as I think and it came out and I ended up posting it and it got a good little reception.”

Amber also discussed receiving negative comments and admitted that while the majority of the time she manages to brush them under the carpet there are occasions when she’s in disbelief at what has been said.

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“I’d like to say the majority of the time I just brush them under the carpet but I’d say with my platform now and how big it is, sometimes I can’t do that because the negative comments might come in quick and fast,” the star told us.

She continued: “I can’t believe so many people say so much nasty stuff, and I’m quite a strong person but when so many people have got so many negative opinions it can get to you.”

And despite having a large following, Amber, who reportedly became a millionaire within just six weeks after leaving the Love Island villa, will delete the app to take a break from social media.

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She said: “I sometimes delete Instagram, not my account just the app off my phone because sometimes I think I really just don’t need to look at it and that resets everything for me and keeps us motivated to want to post more as well.

“Sometimes I’m on it constantly and all I’m doing is posting, posting, posting and I never catch a break from it. So, it’s good to reset myself.”

Amber’s Instagram honesty comes after she admitted that she’s sometimes pretended to be happy on social media.

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Talking to OK! online ahead of World Mental Health Day, the star admitted she’s uploaded photos of herself in the past, putting on a happy front, despite “not really feeling happy [herself].”

Amber explained: “During lockdown I kind of wanted to be positive for other people when really I was feeling stressed, but I was probably doing that for other people’s sake to boost morale. That’s kind of what I like to do on Instagram.

“Subconsciously, I’m posting something and pretending to be happy when I’m not really happy myself, so yeah I’ve definitely done that a couple of times.”

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