Amber Portwood FLIPS OUT on Gary Shirley at Teen Mom Reunion: Leah is in Therapy Without Me?!

On this season of Teen Mom OG, viewers watched Gary Shirley join Amber Portwood in therapy.

It wasn’t couples counseling; it was Amber’s therapist explaining Amber’s mental health struggles to her ex.

Her real goal is to get Gary to force Leah to attend mother-daughter counseling with her.

At the Reunion, Gary revealed that Leah is in therapy — by herself. Amber handled the news with her usual … poise and grace.

That is to say that Amber got increasingly angry, flipped out, and stormed off of the stage.

She was furious at Gary, managed to spit venom at Kristina too, and was seemingly resentlful of her own daughter.

Gary’s “crime” was apparently respecting Leah’s privacy … but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Before the explosive storming off of the stage that you can see in the clip that we icnluded, Amber explained her sour mood.

“I’m shut down because I’m listening to my daughter say certain things that I see online,” she explained to Dr. Drew.

“I just don’t want [Leah] to write me off,” Amber stated, “like I did when I was young with my own mother.”

“I know when I grew up, I regretted that, losing four years with my mom,” Amber said.

Of course, her issue was that her mother was often busy working, which is not exactly the same as Amber’s distance from Leah.

She did say that things with Gary were “good,” at which point he was invited to join them on stage.

This, of course, is where things went downhill.

Gary confirmed on stage that he did speak to Leah about Amber’s borderline personality disorder following the therapy session.

Amber immediately looked distant as this topic came up, but Dr. Drew continued.

Dr. Drew asked whether Gary was more open to the idea of Leah going to therapy — possibly with Amber.

“She is speaking to somebody now, a professional,” Gary announced, dropping a bombshell on viewers and also on his ex.

“You probably didn’t know this,” he acknowledged to Amber. “Per Leah’s request, she didn’t want it to be talked about.”

Gary emphasized: “I have her permission, to talk about it, make it known.”

Dr. Drew began to stress how this is a good thing.

Amber agreed, but only up to a point, saying that it’s only good “if I know about it.”

Gary defended his daughter’s privacy: “Part of Leah going, she didn’t want anybody knowing.”

He explained: “They’re working on different things she can do to help the communication start between her mom and her.”

Gary shared: “She’s gone, I think, about 10 [times].”

As anyone who knows anything about her could have predicted, Amber absolutely lost her s–t.

“Here’s the thing, I’m the mother of her,” she insisted.

Amber demanded: “I need to understand what Leah is going through, so I believe the communication should be there for that.”

“I also think that Leah is a child, she is not an adult, I am her mother,” Amber continued.

She added: “She doesn’t need to say anything, but you can tell me.”

In other words, Amber was saying that Gary — Leah’s actual parent — should have betrayed Leah’s trust and told Amber things that are frankly not her business.

“So I should break her trust and tell you what she doesn’t want you to know?” asked a bewildered Gary.

Amber claimed: “That’s not breaking trust, though.”

It is literally breaking trust. If Leah knows that Gary will not keep a secret from Amber, she will justifiably never trust him again, and he wouldn’t deserve that trust.

Snidely, Amber “thanked” Gary for filling her on “on this stage, here.”

She spat: “I don’t need a camera in front of my face for me to know something.” Oh brother.

“This error or mistake has been going on for years,” Amber griped. “Every time I find out about something, it’s in front of a camera.”

When the question came up of whether Gary would keep Amber informed from now on, he correctly affirmed that it would be up to Leah.

Amber then raised her voice, followed by Gary, in something of a shouting match.

Gary asked Amber to stop sticking her finger in his face while she demanded that he stop yelling at her.

“You came out here with some bullcrap. I just found out, on camera, of course,” Amber began to rant.

“Everything that you do is for television. Done. Everything he does it for television. I’m out, bye! Live your life,” she said.

Amber furiously got off of the couch and stormed off of the stage. Still, she wasn’t done.

Amber whirled around and began shouting at Gary from off the stage.

“And by your way, your first class ticket coming back, you’re not f—ing sitting with me,” she barked.

Amber hissed: “You can’t use me for s–t for the rest of your f–king life and for your money. How do you have your money today, Gary?”

“All because of you, thank you,” Gary answered quickly and repeatedly in a very “yes dear” kind of tone.

“I said thank you, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, I appreciate it,” he emphasized at his unhinged ex.

Apparently satisfied, Amber resumed storming off, saying “You’re welcome. Garbage.”

Amber then vented to a producer: “He can keep making his money off me, this is ridiculous.”

“You know damn well that Gary only does this when we have screens. I’m done. I’m done,” she ranted

Amber could even be heard complaining: “Kristina, you wanna keep secrets from me? I’m the mother. I would have just liked to know she was even going, that would have been nice.”

The thing about the vast majority of bad people, and especially bad parents, is that in their minds, they are reasonable people who, at worst, make mistakes.

To Amber, Leah’s actual parent respecting her privacy is an outrage, while all of Amber’s bad behavior can be explained and forgiven.

In real life, we get that this was a surprise to Amber, but that’s how reality TV works. And if she wanted to be in the loop, she could have just been a better mom.

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