Amelia Hamlin Apologizes To Dad For SUPER Revealing Nearly Naked Dress!

Amelia Hamlin is gonna wear what she wants to wear… but that doesn’t mean she’s not concerned about dear old Dad!

On Sunday night, to celebrate the Perfect Magazine party for London Fashion Week, the 20-year-old model showcased an incredible new look with a sheer chainmail two-piece dress on top of… nothing!

The braless shocker certainly got our attention, as Amelia bravely showed off her ample bosom underneath the sheer! And it caught the internet’s attention, too — who mostly were worried about poppa Harry Hamlin having to see that!

Scott Disick‘s ex knew she was wearing something super risqué, at one point quipping “free the nipple, I guess” while sharing a paparazzi shot of her super-sexy dress on her Instagram Stories.

And when it came time to post on her main IG page, she didn’t disappoint there, either!

You can see the jaw-dropping dress (below):

A post shared by Amelia (@ameliagray)


Now, as we pick our jaws all the way up off the floor, let’s talk about Harry.

The L.A. Law star must have felt some type of way about the see-through situation, because hours after first posting pics of her amazing look, Amelia also shared a screenshot of the family group chat.

In it, she officially apologized to her 69-year-old dad, saying about showing her nips:

“It’s fashion.”

As you can see (below), momma Lisa Rinna even playfully stepped in to run interference for Amelia, as well:


Love it!

And seriously, we LOVE that dress on her.

…How about you, Lord Disick?! U feeling any type of way?? Or is it just fashion??

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