Angela Simmons Showcases Booty In Ultra-Tight Leggings In Workout Video On Instagram

Angela Simmons from Growing Up Hip Hop is serious about her workouts. A couple of days ago, she shared a compilation of various workout routines on Instagram. And noticeably, she wore some ultra-tight leggings that showcased her curves, especially as she lifted weights while facing the mirror. The leggings were gray with some black dot accents on the sides. Angela also wore a white tank and a bandana. As usual, she reminded people that her figure is “#builtnotbought.”

Fans responded with tons of compliments as she worked hard at the gym. Some people let her know that she had “perfect form,” as others told her “You are a beast, get it is [sic] girl.”

Since the workout video, Angela jas also shared photos of several different outfits, including one where she sported some sexy leggings that had cut-outs on her upper thighs. Simmons paired that up with a long, tan dress-shirt and some black shoes. She took the photo in the mirror, so her fans could see two different angles of the ensemble.

And most recently, Angela posted a couple of close-up selfies while promoting Yummy Extensions. She wore some bright pink lipstick, some large gold hoop earrings, and some dark eyeshadow.

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????Good bad for ya ???? small clips today in the gym #BnB #builtnotbought ???????? link in bio @goalminenyc

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Simmons rarely gives formal interviews. But in 2016, she discussed some of her fashion likes with Glamour. Angela talked about her favorite makeup routine.

“I’m a simple person. When I do my own makeup—if I do my own makeup—just give me mascara, bronzer, blush, and a red lip. I don’t even put on foundation, I don’t have time.”

She also revealed some of her favorite designers.

“Hmm, I’m trying to think of what’s in my closet. I mean, I mix it up. Saint Laurent, Chanel has really cute boots and heels. I just became a really big fan of Valentino because they’re super comfortable and they’re super-cute.”

Even though Angela doesn’t often give interviews to publications, her fans have gotten to know her well through her Instagram page. She posts quite often, and typically has Insta stories up to give people an extra sneak peek into her life.

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???? @yummyextensions #yummygirl #yummyextensions

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Her recent stories include her partying with a friend at a club. Angela sang along to some songs as she smiled and wore the same earring that people saw in her latest selfie. She also shared some inspirational quotes, which included “You are in control of what you accept…. Stop accepting less than your worth.” Angela also added her own text, saying “Stop allowing it!”

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