Angelina Jolie rushed to bomb shelter during visit to war-torn Ukraine in chilling footage

Angelina Jolie rushed to bomb shelter as sirens sound in Lviv

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Angelina Jolie, 46, was rushed to a bomb shelter during a visit to Ukraine in a terrifying video. The Mr & Mrs Smith actress had been visiting the city of Lviv, which is currently under Russian attack.

Footage of the petrifying moment shows Angelina quickly walking toward the bomb shelter.

In the clip, an air raid siren can be heard in the background while Angelina and her entourage rush to safety.

A person in Angelina’s team could be heard telling the person filming: “Please, no more.”

Angelina was asked by an onlooker whether she was okay, to which she waved to the camera and responded she was “okay”.

Yesterday, the Hollywood star stunned unsuspecting fans as she made a surprise appearance at a Lviv cafe.

She was filmed by a shocked onlooker, who shared the video of her on Facebook.

Maya Pidhorodetska wrote of the surprise encounter: “Nothing special. Just Lviv.

“I just went to have coffee. Just Angelina Jolie.”

The local woman concluded: “Ukraine is simply supported by the whole world.”

In the video, Angelina could be seen smiling and waving at the camera as she entered the eatery.

She left the Hollywood glamour behind as she opted for a comfortable outfit, featuring a grey jumper and matching wide leg trousers.

The humanitarian carried a backpack with her, while keeping her look casual with a low bun and a makeup-free face.

It comes as Russian forces started a renewed assault in the east of the country.

Lviv, where Angelina was filmed, is in Western Ukraine, around 80 kilometres from the Polish border.

The city has faced shelling from Russian forces in recent weeks.

Angelina has previously visited war zones and has spent 20 years campaigning for human rights.

During her time as a campaigner, Angelina has carried out more than 60 field missions.

She worked with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to provide aid to Yemen last month.

Angelina has been working with the UN for years, after being appointed the position of Special Envoy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in 2012.

The actress first started her humanitarian missions as a goodwill ambassador.

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