Anna Cathcart Reveals This Cut Scene From ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Was Cut From The Movie

We all know that there are probably mountains of scenes that were filmed and cut from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and we’re all dying to see them.

However, one particular scene with Lana Condor and Anna Cathcart sounds like the most adorable scene ever and we must see it right now!

“There was one where Kitty and Lara Jean are eating breakfast by themselves. They’re home alone, and they’re just sitting there at the kitchen counter, eating cereal,” Anna describes the scene to TigerBeat in a new interview. “It was such a simple scene but it was so hard for me and Lana to keep a straight face.”

Anna adds that “We just kept laughing, looking at each other and cracking up. We were eating Lucky Charms and whenever she wasn’t looking, I would pick out the marshmallows from her bowl and keep eating.”

Squealing now!

“It was really cute! I hope they release it one day.”

We hope so too!

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