Anne Hathaway Stuns Husband With Gorgeous Legs While Attending The Venice Film Festival

Anne Hathaway has recently come back into the silver screen after a two year absence, rekindling her career as a well-loved actress. Her return was a celebrated one, with many praising her performance in the film, Ocean’s 8. In the film, Hathaway plays Daphne Kluger, a vain and jealous starlet. This role was a striking contrast to her personality, which made her convincing performance praiseworthy and memorable.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hathaway loved playing Daphne, saying that the role gave her a chance to let loose and act as insufferable as she wanted.

“So to actually let it go and to lean into all the ridiculous fame nonsense that I’ve been trying to side-step for all of these years just felt really, really fun. It just felt great and to play someone who had such an enormous ego and someone who takes herself so seriously.”

Following the film’s release, Anne has been stepping into the spotlight a bit more. Her most recent appearance was at the Venice Film Festival, which she attended with her husband. She and Adam Schulman were seen heading to a boat for the event, and both seemed to have taken it easy and chosen comfortable attire.

However, that didn’t stop Schulman from admiring his wife’s stunning appearance. While her soft, off-the-shoulder tunic dress left much to the imagination, the slit skirt and flowing fabric made her legs a stunning display. Paired with her glittering stilettos, this ensemble was far from boring.

Hathaway was also sporting a coppery hair color, which is a very different look from what we’ve been seeing lately. Many of her fans have come to recognize her brown locks, so the chestnut highlights are new.

As reported by Daily Mail, Adam took quite a few moments to gaze lovingly at his wife as they made their way to the boat. He was dressed equally well, with a white polo and black jacket. According to People, the two were also seen smiling during a stroll through Italy. The two rarely make appearances together, but its evident that they’re quite happy in one another’s company.

Ocean’s 8 doesn’t mark the end of the Hathaway revival, however. Anne Hathaway has been lining up roles recently. She even reportedly accepted a starring role as the titular Barbie in an upcoming live-action. According to Variety, the film has been pushed to 2020, but many fans are excited to see Hathaway playing such an iconic character.

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