Anne Hegerty addresses health condition leaving The Chase star ‘unable to recognise faces’

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Anne Hegerty, 62, who is otherwise known as The Governess on The Chase, left her co-star and the show’s host Bradley Walsh, 60, lost for words as she addressed an unusual health issue. The quizmaster revealed she has been diagnosed with prosopagnosia – a condition which is also known as face blindness.

Anne made the revelation during a recent episode of The Chase as she addressed her health condition.

Her admission comes after contestant Daren was quizzed on a condition called alexithymia.

The question read: “Someone with alexithymia cannot recognise what?”

The three options included, “Faces”, “Songs” and “Feelings”, with the latter being the correct answer.

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Daren had incorrectly chosen “Faces” as Anne pointed out the correct diagnosis for this not recognising a person was prosopagnosia.

Before eliminating the first contestant, the Governess revealed her condition.

Anne commented: “Not being able to recognise faces is called prosopagnosia. I know that because I have it.

“But I don’t need to recognise your face because you’re out of here.”

A concerned Bradley questioned his co-star further on her condition, as he appeared surprised by Anne’s confession.

He asked: “Do you have that? You don’t recognise people’s faces?”

“I do [recognise faces] if I’ve met them a few times,” Anne replied. “But I can’t immediately recall.”

She continued: “If I meet someone and their face is not familiar and they then go out of the room and someone comes back in, I’m really not at all sure if it’s the same person.”


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Bradley remarked: “Prosopagnosia. I’ve never even heard of that.”

Prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness, means you cannot recognise people’s faces.

The condition can lead people to not recognise family, friends, partners, or even themselves when looking at photos or in the mirror.

Meanwhile, Anne who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 45, recently revealed her biggest fear is losing her memory.

“I do worry about things like Alzheimer’s, even more so given the nature of what I do,” said the professional quizzer remarked.

“I think, ‘What else could I do if I were to lose my mind?'”

Anne added: “I’m sure they wouldn’t fire me… but they’d be wanting a lot of reassurance about whether I was happy to keep working.

“However, I assume producers would tell me if they thought I was not fit enough to keep doing the job.”

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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