Anne Hegerty: The Chase star speaks out on getting ‘mobbed’ on a trip to Middlesbrough

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Anne Hegerty, 62, revealed she was “mobbed” when she visited Middlesbrough. During a conversation with Steph McGovern on Twitter, The Chase star admitted the experience happened during a company meal.

We went out for a company meal, and I got mobbed

Anne Hegerty

The revelation comes after former BBC Breakfast star Steph teased what’s on her Packed Lunch show today, where chef Freddy Forster will be making a “Boro delicacy”.

Highlighting the upcoming feature on her Twitter page, Steph wrote: “Not only am I out of isolation tomorrow+back hosting @PackedLunchC4, @FreddyForster is making a PARMO! Former Ritz head chef making a Boro delicacy. Get in.”

She added: “FYI Freddy: Parmos aren’t posh, so no faff. Don’t be tight on cheese. Has to have garlic sauce. Best served in pizza box.”

The infamous North Yorkshire dish consists of a breaded cutlet of chicken or pork topped with a white béchamel sauce and cheddar cheese.

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While fans rushed the comments section to share their delight to watch a step by step creation of the tasty treat, Anne chimed in that she had once bought a frozen one and found it just as delicious.

“I bought a frozen parmo ready meal when I was stopping in Linthorpe over Christmas 2019,” she said.

“It was delish.”

Steph was ecstatic, responding: “I am delighted by this news. Next time we’ll sort you out a fresh one #parmo.”

A fan also wasn’t happy with the frozen element, and urged the quiz genius to sample a fresh one.

“Ohhh Anne you need a fresh one they are delicious, next time your in Boro get yourself to Central Park!” they replied with a handy tip.

Steph also agreed, adding: “Totally agree! I love a Central Park parmo.”

Anne suddenly realised she may have already experienced the a piping hot dish after all, but it came with consequences.

“Hang on, I think I’ve been there,” she thought back.

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“We went out for a company meal, and I got mobbed.”

Elsewhere, Anne recently opened up on her prosopagnosia diagnosis, after a question on The Chase sparked a discussion about the condition, which is also known as face blindness.

It can lead people to not recognise family, friends, partners, or even themselves when looking at photos or in the mirror.

Anne commented: “Not being able to recognise faces is called prosopagnosia. I know that because I have it.

“But I don’t need to recognise your face because you’re out of here,” she joked as the contestant got the question wrong.

A concerned Bradley Walsh seemed surprised by Anne’s confession, asking: “Do you have that? You don’t recognise people’s faces?”

“I do [recognise faces] if I’ve met them a few times,” Anne replied.

“But I can’t immediately recall.”

She continued: “If I meet someone and their face is not familiar and they then go out of the room and someone comes back in, I’m really not at all sure if it’s the same person.”

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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