Annie Murphy & Menno Versteeg’s Relationship Timeline Is Actually Adorable

Unlike Alexis Schitt’s relationship timeline with that Saudi prince she had a three-month-long affair with, Annie Murphy and Menno Versteeg’s relationship timeline is a little more obscure. By that, I mean there isn’t a ton of information out there on when, exactly, the pair first met or how long they’ve been together in total. From what I can tell, it seems as though the two have been together for a very, very long time.

I say that, for starters, because they’ve been married almost a decade and that in and of itself is a very, very long time. But! Also, in a September 2020 interview with Elle during which they discussed the genesis of the now iconic A Little Bit Alexis theme song from Schitt’s Creek, Versteeg’s Hollerado band mate Nick Boyd made it seem like they all go wayyyyy back with Murphy. "Menno and I were in a band [Hollerado] together for years and years," he told Elle. "We were all friends growing up and Annie would sometimes come with us on tour, so we’ve been making music and hanging out together as pals for literally 20 years."

So, OK, based on that, I would guess that they’ve at least been friends for 20 years? The two are both from Ottowa, so the whole "lifelong friends" story does check out in that regard.

Outside of that, here’s what I do know for sure about the hilarious couple:

Sometime in 2010: She helped write "Good Day at the Races."

In that same interview with Elle, Versteeg gave some insight on what their relationship was like before Murphy was on Schitt’s Creek.

"When you’re married to someone who’s in a band, it’s a very specific type of relationship," he told Elle. "For the first half of Hollerado’s career, Annie was a struggling actress — she would get the odd commercial or bit part here and there, but she had a lot of time off. So she would often come on tour with the band, and that would involve sometimes coming onstage to sing with us. We ended up writing songs together — she wrote half the lyrics to one of the more well-known Hollerado songs, Good Day At The Races."

August 2011: They got married.

Murphy and Versteeg tied the knot in August 2011. I know this because I dove real deep on her Instagram and found a picture she posted from their wedding day in honor of their anniversary on Aug. 21, 2017. Alongside the picture she wrote:

"Boyfriendz 4 lyfe six years and a day ago."

Per my calculations, that means they got married Aug. 20, 2011.

Being late on their anniversary post seems to be a trend for Murphy, who again posted a day late in 2018 when she shared a picture of them clinking two beer bottles together. "Happy belated anniversary, @mennovers. I looked it up, and 7 years isn’t actually copper and wool – it’s two muscly German tourists NAMED Koper and Wöl dressed in identical outfits taking pictures on a ferry," she wrote. "You’re welcome. ❤️"

To be fair, Versteeg isn’t always punctual with the anniversary posts, either. On Aug. 23, 2016, he posted a picture of himself and Murphy holding sparklers alongside this extremely adorable caption in honor of their fifth anniversary:

May 2013: A fire burned down their apartment.

In May 2013, a fire burned down Murphy and Versteeg’s apartment in downtown Toronto. Luckily, nobody was injured. In fact, Versteeg told The Huffington Post that the largest losses were a house plant "that was a good buddy of" his, a teddy bear Murphy had owned for years, and an autographed Michael Jackson photo from his bad tour.

Though The Huffington Post reported at the time that it would take "almost two months" to reconstruct their home, Versteeg reassured "we’re fine, I don’t want to make a big deal about it."

December 2014: Vesteeg was *very* excited for "Schitt’s Creek."

Schitt’s Creek first premiered in January of 2015 and Versteeg was so excited for his wife’s new show that he decided to post a picture of himself humping a bus stop poster of her promoting the show. He posted the (amazing) shot to Instagram alongside the caption, "Having a great Wednesday! #humpday."

March 2015: They hit their first acting award show together.

Versteeg documented the monumental occasion by posting a picture of Murphy sitting alongside Dan and Eugene Levy. He captioned the post:

September 2015: They skinny dipped in the Atlantic.

And there’s picture proof! Versteeg posted a ~tasteful~ shot of them post skinny dip alongside the caption:

October 2015: He was by her side when she got lasik.

Versteeg posted a photo of his visually impaired wife lying on their couch alongside the caption:

January 2016: She gave him the best happy birthday wish.

In honor of her husband’s birthday, Murphy posted a shot of him snacking on salami in the back of a limo and appropriately captioned it: "Happy birthday to my @mennovers. May you never stop eating salami in the back of a limo. Xo."

April 2016: A "Schitt’s Creek" DVD brought him to tears.

Remember DVD? Yeah, that was still sort of a thing back in 2016. And just the sheer sight of the season two Schitt’s Creek DVD brought Versteeg to tears.

In April of 2016 he posted a picture of Murphy holding the DVD alongside the sweet caption:

January 2017: They really showed up for each other with the PR.

First, on Jan. 5, Versteeg supported Murphy by posting a picture of her posing alongside a bus stop poster promoting the third season of Schitt’s Creek alongside the caption:

Luckily he did not have to delete the post because Murphy pulled through on Jan. 6 by posting an image of the new Hollerado album with this sweet caption:

February 2017: They made out in a Starbucks.

This isn’t really that important, but I feel like it needs to be included. Murphy posted the make-out shot on Feb. 8 alongside the caption, "Just living my gross truth in the grossest picture ever taken."

March 2017: Versteeg penned a love letter to Murphy and all women.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, Versteeg posted a photo of Murphy alongside this adorably sappy caption:

December 2017: He created what may be the best b-day post.

On Noc. 24, alongside a picture of Murphy rocking a tee shirt that features the illustration of a finger being pulled, Versteeg wrote:

Sometime in 2018: They co-created the "A Little Bit Alexis" theme song.

Any true Schitt’s Creek fans know about Alexis Schitt’s failed reality show, A Little Bit Alexis. The show’s creator Dan Levy said he even knew she had a reality show before the show was actually made. "From the first few days my dad and I spent brainstorming about what the show could be, I had come up with this little detail from Alexis’s past: She had a very short-lived, critically reviewed reality show called A Little Bit Alexis," Levy told Elle in a Sept. 2020 interview. "It’s one of those things you write down as context for the character without knowing whether it’ll make it into the show. Four seasons later, Alexis auditioning for Cabaret felt like the perfect opportunity to hear the title track."

Murphy was excited to see it in the script and decided she’d try to write it with Versteeg and Hollderado band-mate Nick Boyd. "Once I got the green light, of course I was like, ‘Oh f*ck. Okay, resources, resources,’" she recalled. "So I found my two dear musician people, and told them, ‘Well, I just got myself into a predicament.’"

Luckily, Versteeg was down. "I remember very clearly the moment Annie described it to me, the whole scene and what it needed to be and the backstory of the song," he added. "Earlier that same day, I’d been in some chain fashion store and ‘Work Bitch’ by Britney Spears was on. The second she told me, I knew I wanted to rip off the feel of that song. We set out to make a song you want to do spin class to."

Murphy continued, "we went into my friend Nick’s studio, and we listened to "Work Bitch" so many times our ears started to bleed, but in the best way. We also listened to “Stars Are Blind” and a bunch of Paris Hilton stuff. And then Nick and Menno got to work on the melody, and I started writing the lyrics, and we all got on a roll."

The final result was incredible:

January 2018: He makes it clear he’s her Number One Fan.

On Jan. 9, 2018, alongside yet another cute bus stop poster shot, Versteeg wrote:

March 2018: They manage to bring alcohol in a water bottle to an acting award show.

Remember when he thought they couldn’t do that back in 2015? OK, well, this is a call back to that.

On March 11, 2018, Versteeg posted a picture of Murphy drinking wine out of a plastic water bottle at the Canadian Screen Awards and paired it with this caption:

June 2019: She made it clear she’s also a huge fan of his.

When Hollerado retired, Murphy commemorated the milestone by posting a picture of the band alongside this extremely sweet caption:

April 2020: He gave an emotional recap of her career thus far.

On April 7, alongside — you guessed it — yet another bus stop poster photo shoot, Versteeg wrote a tear-jerker of a caption:

July 2020: He was absolutely pumped for her Emmy nomination.

On July 28, Versteeg made his excitement for his wife’s Best Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series Emmy nomination clear by posting a series of pictures of her wearing the same dress alongside the caption:

September 2020: He was even more pumped for her Emmy win.

You can only imagine how amped he was when she actually won said Emmy. Alongside a picture of Murphy holding a sign that read, "Hey Trump: You’ve got 99 problems and this b*tch is one," Versteeg wrote:

ICYMI: Here’s Murphy’s Emmy winning speech:


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