Another Alien-Like Creature Washes Up On Australian Beach

Australia has seen its share of weird creatures on its beaches recently, and this close encounter is making locals scratch their heads.

This alien-like creature washed up on the shores of Bondi Beach Tuesday …discovered by local Drew Lambert. It was lying in a pile of seaweed, with lips resembling a human’s.

Drew says he assumed it was some odd form of a shark, but now he isn’t so sure … people online have speculated what it could be, with several speculating it might be a type of ray, but as one person commented, “it’s missing like, everything.”

A supervisor at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium dismissed the alien theories, saying it’s gotta be a coffin ray, which is missing fins and a tail.

Of course, this isn’t the first Aussie beach with mystery mammals or whatever … as we reported, another creature was found over the weekend at Maroochydore Beach.

While the 2 beaches are 632 miles away from each other, that’s a distance that may not be daunting for some … earthy or otherwise.

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