Are Bachelor Nation Stars Madison Prewett and Connor Saeli Dating?


Another day, another Bachelor Nation romance.

It looks like we don’t need to wait for Bachelor in Paradise to air, because sparks seem to be flying between two former contestants of the ABC franchise: Madison Prewett and Connor Saeli.

That’s right,  people! The Bachelor star has seemingly moved on from her ex-boyfriend, Peter Weber. And as fans will recall, she and the 28-year-old pilot decided to go their separate ways just a week and a half ago.

So how does Connor fit into all of this?

The Bachelorette alum, who appeared on Hannah Brown‘s season of the dating series, took to Instagram Live with his former co-star, Mike Johnson.

And because people have been practicing social distancing and are staying out of the spotlight due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the guys had a lot to catch up on.

At first, the conversation between the two was harmless.

“If a certain individual goes [to Paradise], would you go,” Mike asked Conner.

He responded, “Sure… It was tough going on last year and having it not work for me in the end. It was a little disappointing to see all the happy couples.”

Then things started to get personal. Putting Connor on the spot, Mike flat-out asked, “So what’s up with you and Madison?”

It was clear this question made Connor blush and feel a bit flustered. “I don’t know, we’ll see,” he coyly replied. “I can’t give you anything.”

It seems Connor plans to keep that part of his personal life a mystery. Moreover, Madison has yet to address or comment on these romance rumors. However, the two do follow each other on Instagram, so that’s something to keep an eye on.

As if that weren’t some good tea, another contestant from Peter’s season seems to be on Mike’s mind: Kelley Flanagan.

“I think Kelley has amazing dimples,” he shared. “I think that she a little bad ass that’s for sure.”

At this time, it’s unclear when Bachelor in Paradise will begin filming due to COVID-19.

However, if more Instagram Lives go down during this hiatus… we’ll be ready and watching with our popcorn and rosé in hand. 

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