Ariana Grande Throws Epic Shade At Travis Scott & Proves She’s Totally Team Nicki — Watch

Nicki Minaj has Ariana Grande on her side amidst her feud with Travis Scott! Ari addressed the rappers’ drama during a live show on Aug. 22, and totally slammed Travis for using Kylie Jenner to help sell his albums. Watch here!

Ariana Grande hosted a listening party for fans to promote her new album, Sweetener, in Chicago on Aug. 22, and she had a little something to say about Travis Scott! At the event, Ari’s manager, Scooter Braun, took the stage and raved that Sweetener would “100 percent” be the No. 1 album this week, but Ariana interrupted and joked, “We have three days left, you don’t know what Travis could pull!” She is, of course, referencing Nicki Minaj’s claims that Travis beat her album on the charts because of promotional help from Kylie Jenner.

The feud between Nicki and Travis began on Aug. 19, when Nicki ranted on Twitter about Travis beating her for the No. 1 spot on the album charts that week. Travis was including copies of his album with sales of merchandise, and his girlfriend, Kylie, promoted the merch store on social media…and Nicki felt that the rapper wouldn’t have sold as many records if it wasn’t for Kylie’s plug. “I put my blood sweat and tears into writing a dope album only for Travis Scott to have Kylie Jenner post a tour pass telling ppl to come see her and Stormi. lol. I’m actually laughing,” Nicki tweeted.

Travis and Kylie didn’t respond to Nicki’s comments directly, but when Travis took the stage at the VMAs one day later, he made it clear that he felt he deserved that top spot. “Astroworld number one!” he raved after the performance. Nicki continued to bash him during her Queen radio show on Aug. 21, and clearly Ariana was ready to throw her two cents in, too!

It’s no surprise that Ariana would be #TeamNicki — after all, the ladies are featured on each other’s albums and have been longtime friends. We’ll have to wait and see where all three of these players fall on the official charts this week, though!

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