Ashleigh Murray Dishes on How Josie Will Handle Her Parent’s Divorce on ‘Riverdale’

Josie McCoy is going to have quite a time on Riverdale this season.

On top of performing at Veronica’s new speakeasy underneath Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, she’ll also be dealing with her parents’ divorce.

“I would love to see Josie really battle with the undoing of her household,” Ashleigh Murray explained in a recent interview about her story arc. “You know, she’s not three years old, so she’s going to remember the fact that her parents are getting divorced.”

She continues, “And the weight of a divorce, especially if the home is relatively happy or you have really close relationships with your parents, often times undoes you; and since she’s going through puberty, and seeing how the divorce is happening, and her dad’s not around, I think that we could really lean into that and see what that turns her into.”

“She’s always supposed to be a good girl who listens to her mom and she never makes waves, and I feel like this could create a wedge that would be really enjoyable to watch.”

Ashleigh would also love to see Josie “really find what her sound is, you know? It could be great to see that happen through this pain. Unfortunately, some really great things come from dark, hurt places, and often times, it ends up healing you in the process. So I would love to see something like that go on with Josie.”

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