Ashley James speaks about her pelvic girdle pain

‘I’m worried I’ll end up on crutches’: Pregnant Ashley James admits her pelvic girdle pain has ‘gone from bad to worse’ as she poses in a yellow bikini and maternity support belt

Ashley James has expressed her worry that she will ‘end up on crutches’ because of her pelvic girdle pain, which has lead to her wearing a maternity support belt. 

The former Made In Chelsea star, 33, displayed her blossoming baby bump in a yellow bikini on Friday which she wore with her brace while holidaying in Cyprus. 

Ashley is set to welcome a baby boy with boyfriend Tom Andrews in the coming months, and has recently revealed how she had to work on her ‘past traumas with the opposite sex’ after learning she would be giving birth to a son.

Beauty: Ashley James,  33, has described how her pelvic girdle pain is ‘going from bad to worse’ leading her to wear a maternity support belt to ease her pain

The blonde beauty slipped into the vibrant halterneck ensemble as she posed on the patio at the Elysium Hotel during a babymoon with her boyfriend Tom Andrews. 

A fresh-faced Ashley flaunted her glowing complexion in the snap and tied her caramel locks into a sweet ponytail. 

Captioning the snaps, she penned: ‘More accurate depiction of me on holiday… I feel like I’m talking about it so much at the moment but my Pelvic Girdle Pain is going from bad to worse so I’ve resorted to wearing my brace. It’s hard not to think of anything else!

Natural: The blonde beauty slipped into the vibrant halterneck ensemble as she posed on the patio at the Elysium Hotel during a babymoon with her boyfriend Tom Andrews

‘I had absolutely no idea what PGP was until I started to develop symptoms, but apparently about 1 in 4 women experience it during pregnancy.’

She continued: ‘Pelvic girdle pain is pain which is felt around the pelvic joints, lower back, hips and thighs. You can it in different severities, but mine is pretty severe right now.

‘I’m struggling to do basic things like walk, sit up and down without assistance, even lying on my sides is painful which is annoying given that’s how I’m meant to sleep.

Honest: Ashley revealed how she had been suffering with pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy 

‘I’ve had a few physio sessions with @themummymot (and have just booked one in for when I’m back), and I’ve just been recommended a chiropractor.’

Ashley ended: ‘I’m still loving my pregnancy journey, but I’m worried I’m going to end up on crutches, and the smallest movements take so long.

‘But if anyone else has any recommendations I’d really appreciate it. Things I can do or should avoid? Please help!’ 

The cause of PGP is unknown, with some doctors blaming it on a hormone imbalance, although this is not proven.

Sharing her thoughts: Captioning the snaps, Ashley broached the issue of gender disappointment, which she previously talked about earlier in her pregnancy

It’s estimated the condition – also called symphysis pubic dysfunction – affects one-in-five pregnant women and, in severe cases, leaves the sufferer unable to walk through pain, with some experiencing lasting effects after the birth. 

Earlier this month, Ashley described how she felt after being convinced she was having a girl.

She said when she first discovered her baby’s gender during an ultrasound scan she felt guilty because she wanted a girl to pass on her wisdom too but, upon reflection, is now ‘really excited’ about the prospect of raising a boy.  

Ashley, who is a body confidence advocate, explained how having negative experiences with men impacted her outlook at first as she felt more comfortable being around women. 

During a Q and A, one fan asked: ‘Can you tell us more about your gender disappointment? I think there’s a stigma around it.’

Honest: Ashley previously spoke out about her initial disappointment of learning she was having a son (pictured in August)

To which Ashley replied: ‘I think a lot of people feel guilty because: A) Having a baby is such a blessing they feel guilty to admit any disappointment

‘B) They worry people will judge them or think they won’t love their child    

‘For me, I’m passionate about empowering women. I’ve spent the last decade on a huge journey trying to build self esteem, boundaries and confidence 

‘I’d love to pass this down to a daughter. 

‘I also have had a lot of negative experiences with men, and learning I was having a boy made me deal with a lot of that and also work on separating my negative experiences from an entire sex.’

Gender: The former Made In Chelsea star described how she felt after being convinced she was having a girl on Instagram on Thursday

Exciting: ‘I’m now really excited to know I can raise an incredibly respectful boy’, Ashley said

Ashley went on to say she is very feminine and is already outnumbered by boys in her house including her boyfriend and dogs Snoop and Biggie.   

She continued: ‘I don’t know how rational that is as I know gender is a social construct anyway. 

‘I’m now really excited to know I can raise an incredibly respectful boy. 

‘Also there’s never been any doubt in my mind that I will love the hell out of this baby and I feel very connected to him, so please don’t mistake gender disappointment with lack of love.’

Exciting news: Ashley is expecting her first child with her partner of nine months Tom Andrews

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