Asia Argento Gets Brutally Real During An Interview About Anthony Bourdain: ‘They Say I Killed

Asia Argento gave an exclusive interview to the Daily Mail about her late boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain, and it’s pretty raw. She looked absolutely grief-stricken, as she had to stop many times to wipe the tears from her eyes. One of the things she says is that “They say I killed him,” according to the Hollywood Life. Asia elaborated.

“People say I murdered him. They say I killed him. But I understand that the world needs to find a reason. I would like to find a reason too. I don’t have it.”

And while it’s true that many people accused Asia of wrongdoing, leading to Anthony’s reported suicide, she is trying to see things from the perspective of his numerous fans. This is what Argento added.

“I understand that people wanted to blame me because he was so deeply loved and he entered in the hearts of so many people, into their lives, into their hearts. So in a way I understand that they [want to] see me as the negative person, the destroyer.”

Many people who blamed Anthony of his death, pointed to the fact that she was seen with another man days before he died. So while some believed that the cheating drove him to his fate, Asia had some clarifications to make.

Argento explained that the two had actually cheated on each other, and even said that it wasn’t a problem for them. She pointed out that the two were adults, and that he was gone about 265 days a year. So although they were dating for two years, Asia suggests that the “extreme gesture” can’t really be explained by the two cheating on each other.

And as the final episodes of Parts Unknown begin airing, people don’t really see a depressed Bourdain. In fact, in the closing credits of the first episode, Anthony talks about how he can’t believe how far he’s come, so much that he “f***ing pinch myself,” described the Inquisitr.

The famous chef and TV personality’s death came as a huge shock to the culinary world, where he has left an indelible mark. With his brutal honesty, hilarious comments, and contagious passion for cooking, Anthony skyrocketed to fame in his later years.

Unfortunately for Asia, the death of Anthony is not the only thing she’s dealing with. Jimmy Bennett has made claims of sexual assault, and preliminary information reveals that Bourdain may have given Bennett a series of payments as “hush money” to keep him silent. However, after his death, the payments stopped, which may have prompted Bennett to go public with his claims.

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