Audio From Cliff Burton’s First Metallica Show Hits The Web

The audio from Cliff Burton‘s first Metallica show that took place at the Stone, in San Francisco on March 5, 1983, is trending on the web.

Burton, after his stint with Trauma, joined Metallica in December 1982, replacing bassist Ron McGovney.

Most of the songs played during Burton’s debut with Metallica appeared in Kill ‘Em All, released on July 25 that year.

It’s a rare performance as it was among the very few shows involving Burton and Dave Mustaine together. Mustaine, who was sacked from the band a month after that performance, could be heard introducing Burton as “the new rager” in the audio.

Burton, who played on Metallica’s first three albums, died on September 27, 1986, when the band’s tour bus crashed in Sweden.

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