‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Tia & Colton Make It Official & 2 New Love Triangles Bring Major Drama

Colton Underwood and Tia Booth finally define their relationship on episode 5 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ But while their love story blossoms…two other relationships are put in jeopardy. Here’s our recap!

On the Aug. 21 episode of Bachelor in ParadiseJoe admits that he’s starting to fall in love with Kendall, and he’s very confident in their relationship. Everything gets shaken up when Leo arrives, though. Plenty of the girls are interested in Leo — he starts out chatting with Krystal, followed by Chelsea, who is immediately smitten with him. However, he’s clearly most interested in Kendall, and she accepts when he asks her on a date. She explains to Joe that she felt she couldn’t not go on the date since it’s still so early on in the journey, and although Joe’s understanding, he’s clearly upset.

For Kendall and Joe’s date, Jorge the Bartender returns, and shoots the new couple to be on the cover of his romance novel. There’s also appearances from Bachelor alum Amanda Stanton, Ben Higgins, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Bushnell, who dramatically act out scenes from the “book.” The shoot gets pretty intimate, and it’s not long before Leo and Kendall are making out. There’s a clear chemistry between them when they start talking, as well. Look out, Joe…

Immediately after getting back, Kendall fills Joe in on details of her date with Leo. Joe admits that he’s not interested in anyone else besides her, and says he wants to keep exploring what they have. However, Kendall lets him know that she’s torn because she does have unexpected feelings for Leo now, too. She explains to Astrid that she sees a longterm future with Leo outside of Paradise, whereas she doesn’t know if she can picture that with Joe. The love triangle drama brings her to tears.

Meanwhile, Leo takes it upon himself to see who else is out there, too, and spends some one-on-one time with Chelsea in the hot tub when he returns from his date with Kendall. Others in the house are wary that Leo may be playing Kendall, and tension is definitely high.

The situation is pushed to the side a bit when Colton gets a date card, and obviously he chooses Tia to go with him. Remember, they finally decided to be a couple in Paradise on the Aug. 20 episode, so this is their chance to see if they’re ready to become “official boyfriend/girlfriend.” Tia is incredibly happy with how things are going on the date, but she’s in for a big surprise when her friend, Raven Gates, who found love on her season of Bachelor in Paradise, shows up.

Raven isn’t afraid to tell Tia how she really feels — which is that she doesn’t think Colton’s intentions are good. She’s admittedly concerned for her friend, and urges her to try and see who Colton truly is. Tia is brought to tears by Raven’s confession, and she starts having doubts of her own. She opens up to Colton about Raven’s concerns, and he assures her that he isn’t going to be like the guys she dated in the past. By the end of the conversation, Colton asks Tia to be his girlfriend, and they make it official.

Meanwhile, Jordan is working to win his way back into Jenna’s good graces after his meltdown at the last cocktail party. His efforts are left at a standstill when Benoit walks in, though. The Bachelor Winter Games alum hits it off with Jenna pretty quickly, and asks her on a date. She says yes, and naturally, Jordan is NOT pleased, but he’s convinced that Jenna won’t choose Benoit over him in the end.

Jenna and Benoit’s conversation gets pretty deep on their date. Eventually, it leads to them making out, while Jordan is back at the house bad-mouthing the newest addition to Paradise and vowing to win Jenna back. Jordan waits up for Jenna to get back from her date, and immediately pulls her aside to talk. He apologizes for his behavior, and promises that he’s being sincere. Jenna is appreciative, but admits to Jordan that she has a connection to Benoit, as well as him. Like Kendall, she’s left torn and in tears, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what decision she makes!

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