‘Bachelorette’ Reject Leo Dottavio Challenges Nick Viall & Tanner Tolbert To A Fight In Epic Twitter ‘Beef’

Leo Dottavio wants to take things from tweets to the streets with ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ co-stars Nick Viall and Tanner Tolbert. Read the juicy disses, here!

A Bachelor Nation Twitter war has erupted! After taking his leave from Bachelor In ParadiseLeo Dottavio, 31, wants his former co-stars Nick Viall, 37, and Tanner Tolbert, 31, to get up from their keyboards and exchange some punches. But the men don’t want to accept Leo’s invitation, preferring to slam him via Twitter replies than in a ring. It all started when Tanner tweeted on Aug. 27, “I like rats more than I like snakes…” The former Bachelorette contestant escalated the passive aggressive subtweet to a more aggressive call-out. “Hey buddy why don’t we settle this old school? Put some gloves on step in the ring? Next time you’re in LA maybe we can do that,” Leo wrote back. “Whoever loses donates 5k to charity. Heck I’ll let you wear head gear. When I knock you out can I stand over you and call you a beta?”

But Tanner was like, nah. “Aww…the alpha male doesn’t have very thick skin I guess,” Tanner replied to the boxing request. “If you go on national TV and act a fool…you should expect some commentary.” He also suggested in a follow up tweet to “skip” the match so he could donate “$5k towards getting [Leo] some therapy.” We don’t think Leo appreciated his philanthropic idea! But the real beef began when Nick decided to hop on board the beef express. He retweeted Leo’s original invitation to “put some gloves on,” writing over Leo’s tweet, “Breaking news: Self proclaimed Alpha suggests Charity boxing match with someone they have a clear physical advantage over as means to inflate their own ego all while further demonstrating their deep insecurities.” Good intentions, but Tanner can fight his own battles, thank you very much! “Clear Physical Advantage”??? That cuts deep, Nick… real deep,” Tanner wrote back.

The real showdown between Leo and Nick then began. “Hey nick how about you and tanner at the same time vs me? For allllll the marbles let’s goooooo,” Leo tweeted on Aug. 29, noting that Nick had joined the conversation. Nick mockingly replied, “Wait…you can beat us both up at the same time? … that’s like sooo cool.” Meanwhile, Tanner added, “Don’t think you’ve got many “marbles” left to risk, buddy.” Nick tsk-tsked his rivals’ reluctance towards physical altercation. “Jesus your forefathers would frown at your weakness my friend. This kind of adherence to physical altercation is what makes high school kids turn to guns. Be a good example and stand up to a cyber bully like I am… in person,” Leo tweeted back. Just scroll for the epic burn Nick had in store, and the dad jabs that then ensued!

Leo has been stirring all types of controversies lately. He allegedly DM’ing BIP co-star Amanda Stanton, 28, that she’s “a piece of sh*t” — although no screenshot was provided — and then was on the receiving end of sexual assault allegations in August.

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