‘Bachelorette Weekend’ Preview: Pamela Leaves Her Man With A $500 Bill On Wild Night Out

Last one in the bar gets the bill! Soon-to-be married Pamela and her bridal party leave her groom at the bar with their entire check in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Bachelorette Weekend.’

On the all-new episode of CMT’s newest reality series Bachelorette Weekend, bride Pamela and her bridal party are having the time of their lives during their bachelorette weekend. Pamela wants to embrace her all-girls weekend, and not see her soon-to-be husband, Alan, and his boys. Alan soon shows up to the bar where Pamela is at, so she decides to head out — without closing out her bar tab. Sneaky move, Pam!

“When Alan and his crew go upstairs to ride the bull, Pamela and them get a good idea to just dip out and not only leave, but leave without paying for anything,” Bach Weekend owner/founder Robbie says in the Bachelorette Weekend preview. The girls have so much fun dancing, while the boys are content with riding the mechanical bull.

When Alan and his boys head downstairs to leave, he’s hit with Pamela’s check. “I was told you guys were going to pay the tab,” the waitress says. The bill isn’t cheap — it’s $490! Seriously, what did they buy?!

Bachelorette Weekend follows the staff of Bach Weekend, a Nashville-based company specializing in creating once-in-a-lifetime bachelor/bachelorette experiences for would-be brides and grooms celebrating their final nights before marriage. Nashville is one of the hottest spots for bachelor/bachelorette weekends. Robbie and his team – Nicole, Rosa, Liz, Rachal and Johnathan – work hard to make sure their high-maintenance clients have a great experience in hopes of getting a five-star review from the clients. Every employee is given a financial stake in the company, so getting a five-star review is a huge deal and means more money in the bank. The CMT show airs Thursdays at 11 p.m. on CMT.

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