Bebe Rexha Fears for Her Parents’ Lives After They Contracted Coronavirus

The ‘I’m a Mess’ hitmaker says she was gripped with anxiety when her father and mother became ‘very ill’ after contracting the killer virus amid the ongoing pandemic.

AceShowbizBebe Rexha has revealed her parents were “very ill” after contracting the coronavirus – so much so that she was worried they weren’t going to make it.

The 30-year-old singer’s mum and dad – Bukurije and Flamur – both came down with Covid-19 with the “Say My Name” star telling U.S. TV show “Extra” that they were both incredibly poorly with the virus.

“They got sick with the coronavirus and were very ill for three weeks, and I got very nervous,” she said.

While Bebe lives in Los Angeles, she wanted to drive to New York to be with them and help them recover from the disease.

“I was thinking of doing the whole drive… to take care of them…,” she said. “They were so adamant about not having my brother and I there, but finally they got better. Finally they can taste food again. I’m really grateful.”

She added, “I am happy that New York is getting into a much better spot and the East Coast is starting to see the light.”

Bebe has been working hard during the coronavirus lockdown, and is gearing up to release her graduation song “Here’s to 2020”. She’s also been collaborating with David Guetta on new music via Zoom and has prepped an entire new album to drop.

“I just finished my album, actually, and it’s in the mixing process,” she explained. “I’m really excited about it. It took me two years, and obviously when the coronavirus thing happened, it kinda put a stall on it… My fans are getting very frustrated, but I’m like, ‘I promise it’s gonna be worth it!’ I really love this album more than any other album.”

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