Beyonce’s Mother Tina Knowles Shuts Down Critic of Her Instagram Post: ‘Get Off My Page’

The 66-year-old fashion designer tries to give people a good laugh with her ‘corny joke,’ but one Internet troll snarkily tells her to ‘disappear with your daughter and grandchildren for a little while.’

AceShowbiz -Not everyone appreciated Tina Knowles‘ attempt to lighten up the mood amid the uncertain times of coronavirus crisis. The mother of Beyonce Knowles and Solange Knowles recently took to her Instagram account to try making people laugh with her “corny joke,” but one particular person slammed the fashion designer.

“Girl, take them bangs and disappear with your daughter and grandchildren for a little while,” the said person snarkily commented on Tina’s video which she uploaded on Thursday, March 19. “We don’t need this right now.”

But Tina didn’t take no disrespect. She quickly clapped back at the hater, telling him/her, “First of all I am not a girl. Try to conjure up a little respect.” She added, “And secondly, if you don’t need it then get off my page and go where you like what you see. With love.”

In the said Instagram video, Tina delivered a joke, “Why did a man keep getting hit by a bicycle everyday? Because he was caught in a vicious cycle.” She added with a chuckle, “Vicious cycle…bicycle. You get it.”

She explained her intention in the caption, “Corny Joke time. I know it’s corny but even if you get a little chuckle it is worth it at this time we must keep our sense of humor and stick together love you all be safe.”

However, some people got distracted by her face, as it looked so stiff, prompting them to speculate that she recently went under the knife to get a facelift. Earlier in the video, Tina claimed that she had not been seen on Instagram that much lately because she was recovering from a “serious knee surgery,” but people didn’t buy it.

“She was recovering from that facelift don’t liee,” one person viciously remarked. “Mama Tina shouldn’t have mentioned the ‘knee surgery’ cause her face look completely different….,” another reacted to the 66-year-old enterpreneur’s claim. A third person commented, “I thought she was gonna say she was recovering from a serious face tightening procedure.”

Tina has not responded to the facelift speculation.

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