Big Ed Brown Posts Photo of New “Bride,” Taunts Rosemarie Vega

90 Day Fiance fans know how much Big Ed Brown loves attention.

That is why he’s shading his ex while flaunting his new “bride.”

Big Ed Brown Poses with New "Bride"

When you call Ed a troll, be sure to emphasize that you’re talking about his online activity — not his disability.

Because he was trolling hard when he posted this photo of himself beside an apparent bride.

He wasn’t just having fun with fans — there was an apparent swipe at his ex, too.

“My new bride to be,” Ed captioned the image.

“She wants 10 kids..!” he continued.

Famously, what broke up Ed and Rose was Ed spending months lying to her — she wanted more children, and he wanted a vasectomy.

Many fans quickly realized that Ed was just trolling.

The woman in the bridal gown and veil is clearly in a Halloween costume.

Some fans had a laugh, some suggested that he really should think about making more babies, and others scolded him for the taunt at his ex.

While we don’t know who the “bride” may have been, she is not the only unidentified woman to have been seen near Ed recently.

Just days ago, 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates shared the above photo, in which Big Ed was speaking to an unknown woman.

The airport has been identified as LAX, but this could have been anything from him picking her up to him speaking to a fan to him hitting on a random woman. We just don’t know.

What we do know is that, as we reported late this summer, Big Ed is filming again for 90 Day Fiance.

He was spotted out on a date and with cameras.

While many fans are disgusted with Ed’s behavior and don’t want him to film again, it’s no real surprise why he’s going to be back on TV.

Ed is, to put it mildly, entertaining.

He has chosen to lean into the ways in which his disability impacts his appearance.

Ed uses both his short stature and his apparent lack of a neck to make himself into comic relief whenever possible.

While it’s sad that our society has pressured him to mold himself over his looks, he has been successful at it.

Big Ed is a deeply ridiculous person and he’s not afraid to show that side of himself.

His mayonnaise hair antics are so ridiculous that even his ex laughs during his on-camera routine.

But Ed also uses his goofy persona as a shield against all criticism.

When caught being a garbage human being — especially to very young women — he simply says that he’s “stupid.”

Whether or not that’s true, it’s not an excuse, and hearing him use this line again and again as a get-out-of-jail-free card got very old, very quickly.

Big Ed wants to be beloved and goofy like Danny DeVito, but Danny is a famously good, compassionate person.

At the end of the day, Ed reminds more people of Danny’s character from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Frank Reynolds.

He’s not a good person. But the laughs and memes apparently made TLC and Sharp decide that it was worth the backlash to film him again.

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