Big Time Rush Hit The Stage For First Time Since 2014 at Jingle Ball!

Big Time Rush have performed together on stage for the first time in years at the Q102 Jingle Ball 2021 show at Wells Fargo Center on Monday night (December 13) in Philadelphia, Penn.

The guys – James Maslow, Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos PenaVega – hit the stage hours after releasing their first new single in eight years, “Call It Like I See It.”

This performance marks the first time BTR has performed on stage together since their last tour in 2014, before taking a long hiatus.

Also hitting the stage at Jingle Ball were Tate McRae, Monsta X and Dixie D’Amelio.

“Big Time Rush is back🤘🏼 Hell of a first show to kick off this reunion. Thanks Philly and @iheartradio for showing us so much love @iheartjingleball We’re just getting started…” BTR wrote on social media, with pics from the show.

Big Time Rush recently opened up about their reunion and their new music.

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“I mean, every aspect of it has been so much fun,” James told PopCulture. “I know that we all keep having these moments – we’re looking around during a run-through being like, ‘Oh, my lord. We’re doing this.’ It’s so exciting being back at it.”

Carlos added that their reunion has been in the works for awhile, and they just needed to find the right time.

“We started the conversations I’d say a little over two years ago,” he told the site. “I don’t think each one of us was ready at the same time. It was one and three, or two and two, or three and one.”

“I think we knew that we wanted to do Big Time Rush again at some point,” he added. “We just didn’t know exactly when.”

“Well, I mean, what is the new Big Time Rush? The new Big Time Rush is… I mean, I just think we’ve got more experience,” Kendall said. “Obviously our music tastes have evolved over time.”

About their new music, Carlos said they wanted it to “genuinely, 100% coming from us four.”

“That’s what this round is,” he shared. “It is us writing, creating everything from the music to choreography, to the teams we bring on.”

Logan added, “And we’re in our prime. This is the spot. This is the chance to really give it to them.”

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