Bill Cosby Said To Recall Visit With Nelson Mandela To ‘Page Six,’ Publicist Denies Interview Took Place

As Bill Cosby prepares for jail, his claims seem to become more outrageous.

Bill Cosby was recently convicted of three counts of sexual assault, and if nothing else, he seems to be mentally preparing himself for prison.

The problem, of course, is that there’s some question if the visit he’s citing even took place.

Page Six is reporting that Bill Cosby is comparing himself to Nelson Mandela, the late South African political prisoner-turned-President. In an exclusive interview with the outlet — which he gave on the condition that the outlet would not share anything until the trial was over — he claimed that he visited Mandela in a South African prison while he was still under arrest and believes that he will suffer the same way Mandela did.

“I think back to the time when Camille and I went to visit Nelson Mandela in South Africa. He was a free man, but I remember when we met him at Robben Island where he had been in a prison for all of those years. I sat in that cell where he lived, and I saw how he lived… what he had to eat to live and what he went through.”

But according to ABC News, Andrew Wyatt, who is the spokesman for Bill Cosby, denies that his client ever gave an interview to Page Six.

Claiming that the Post‘s story was “totally false,” Wyatt said that his client would never, and has never, sat down with the New York Post, let alone claimed that he sat down with Nelson Mandela while he was a political prisoner.

A spokesman for the Post told ABC News that the paper “sticks by its story.”

Prosecuter: “What’s the one thing I asked you when we met?”

Constand: “Tell the truth.”

Prosecturer: “Did you?”

Constand: “Yes”

— thepeoplevsbillcosby (@pplvsbillcosby) June 7, 2017

Cosby’s first trial ended in a mistrial. However, his second trial, which just concluded, found him guilty of three counts of sexual assault, a felony. Andrea Constand was the only accuser who was successfully able to bring her charges against the now-disgraced comedian, in which she alleged that Cosby gave her a powerful drug that rendered her dizzy, weak, and unable to defend herself as he sexually assaulted her in 2004.

The maximum sentence for each charge is 10 years, which means that if the judge so chooses, Bill Cosby could spend the rest of his life in prison.

LIVE: Cosby trial day 3 is about to begin

Andrea Constand will be under the cross examination spotlight

Stay tuned! #CosbyTrial

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The sentencing phase of the Bill Cosby trial is scheduled to begin soon.

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