Billie Lourd: Filming ‘American Horror Story’ saved my life

Billie Lourd is eternally grateful for Ryan Murphy and the “American Horror Story” franchise.

The 26-year-old daughter of the late Carrie Fisher told “Entertainment Tonight” that filming “AHS: Cult” helped her deal with her grief after her mother died.

“When Ryan offered me ‘Cult,’ it was just a few months after my mom passed, and it honestly helped me process all of my emotions through these characters,” Lourd said of her mom’s sudden death in December 2016.

“Being able to cry for [my character] Winter helped me cry for myself,” she continued. “And it’s been really healing and cathartic in an amazing way, and getting to be around all the incredible people on set, they’ve become like a family to me, and I cannot thank Ryan enough.

“Honestly, it kind of saved my life,” she added.

Lourd currently stars in the latest iteration of the anthology series, “AHS: Apocalypse.”

“I love doing this show. It is so much fun and so challenging and has taught me so much. I would do as many seasons as they would offer me,” Lourd admitted. “I mean, obviously I would like to do, like, a sweet romantic comedy on the side too, but, like, this is my jam. I love this show so much. And I would do anything Ryan asked me to do. I trust him with all of my heart.”

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