‘Bit close!’ Helen Skelton addresses prospect of birth live on TV weeks before due date

Helen Skelton on presenting her upcoming show while pregnant

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Even more shockingly, a heavily pregnant Skelton’s last child arrived three weeks earlier than expected, too.

Judging by her last birth, there is a very real chance the TV host could end up giving birth live on TV.

Which one of the Yorkshire vets do you want to deliver the baby?

Helen Skelton

However, she was in high spirits about the prospect on a BBC Sounds radio show with Carol Vorderman earlier today, joking that she wants one of the Yorkshire vets to deliver the new arrival.

“I can’t believe you’re doing Winter On The Farm three weeks before you’re due to give birth to your third [child],” Carol remarked quizzically.

“I thought you were going to say: ‘I can’t believe you’re doing it again!'” Helen cackled in response. “Me neither!”

She added comedically: “I should know better than that.

“Everyone’s saying ‘Oh, it’s a bit close’, but, as I’m sure any parent will testify, sometimes going to work is like a break – particularly on a live show.

“My husband was like ‘Is it a good idea?’ “I said ‘I’ll get my tea made every night – you won’t!'”

The baby is expected to be born on New Year’s Eve – but both of Helen’s previous children have made a dramatic entrance before the official due date.

Her previous child, Louis, now four, was delivered on the kitchen floor at a location in France while her husband played a rugby match.

She elaborated to Carol: “My husband plays Rugby League where it’s all about the union.

“He runs headfirst into his mates, that’s what I tell Louis!.

“I was living in France… with my 19-month-old [when I went into early labour].

“In France, they just send the nearest emergency service which happened to be a couple of divine young, handsome French firemen.

“They were very excited,” she joked. “I kept saying ‘I know this is a very big moment for you, but I just need you to stay near my head, please!'”

Now, as she prepares to continue filming for Winter On The Farm, the standing joke is: “Which one of the Yorkshire vets do you want to deliver the baby?”

Helen’s only half-joking, as she has already made her preferences known.

“I want Shona, please!” she laughed. “She’s got all the strong painkillers.”

It might sound comical, but in reality, Shona truly will be on standby in case of any emergencies – and her years of experience delivering babies will prove invaluable, should there be any inconveniently timed labour pangs on set.

Helen has described the farm, just 40 minutes away from her house, as like a second home and has confessed there is no other job likely to have prised her away from her bed while so heavily pregnant.

She admitted in quotes published in the Mirror: “When you do live telly you get better looked after than you do at home.

“It is more like a holiday. Someone gets me a chair to sit on and a stool for my feet. No one does that at home!”

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