Blac Chyna Blasted By Fans For Putting Pink Hair Extensions On Dream: ‘She’s Not A Toy’

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Blac Chyna showed off her daughter Dream Kardashian’s adorable hair makeover. And while many fans loved the tot’s pink clip-on pigtails, others said very hurtful things.

After putting fun pink-colored clip-on hair extensions on her 1-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian, Blac Chyna, 29, has faced some vicious mom-shaming — and it is not pretty! Some even dragged Dream’s grandmother, Kris Jenner, 62, into the conversation, claiming Kris would not want the toddler wearing hair extensions at such a young age. Chyna shared the adorable photo via Instagram on April 25, but has since removed it from her account. Perhaps the negative comments were getting to be too much? Click here to see other Kar-Jenners with pink hair.

The mom-of-two captioned the snapshot, “My beautiful baby girl,” yet she still received plenty of criticism from followers. “She’s not a toy… clip on bows?? Try again… that’s a weave!!!” one disgruntled social media user wrote. Others said, “Cute baby, but why the pink bow extensions… I hope this baby Ain’T gonna be like her mom… Ghetto fab.” Ouch! Bringing up Kris’ possible reactions, more commenters wrote, “I want to be a fly on the wall when Kris K. sees this… This is what they were afraid of lol… she put a damn weave on her baby. I’m unfollowing… Poor baby too bad hopefully she isn’t like you and your mom.”

Plenty of fans however, did stand up for Chyna, writing: “Really cute this little princess… So cute Dreamy… Pretty little girl… She is so adorable… Ppl mad about clip on bows.. i even had those when i was little. They came with my dolls so i could match them.” Exactly — they’re just clip-ons, people! Relax. People also couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Chyna’s own colorful hair history. After all, the model is known for her wide variety of multicolored wigs.

Just last week, Chyna showed off her own pink tresses as she left the Envy Salon And Spa in Sherman Oaks, California on April 19. The star’s medium-length pink locks were worn down as they barely grazed her shoulders. She also rocked pink makeup to match. Kim Kardashian, 37, also recently rocked pink hair. Instead of using a wig or extensions though, the reality star actually dyed her own hair pink.

It seems Dream is becoming a little fashionista in her own right, and clearly she and her mom are just having fun with accessories.

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