Blac Chyna’s Mom Insists Dream, 2, Is Safer W/ Rob Than Her Daughter After Kid Buu Drama — Watch

Mom knows best? Even Blac Chyna’s own mother thinks Dream is best off in the arms of her dad right now. Watch her explain why in a new video interview!

After seeing the heated drama that went down with Blac Chyna, 30, and Kid Buu, 30, Blac’s mom think that it’s time for baby Dream to spend some time with her dad, Rob Kardashian, 31. In a new interview, Blac’s mother, Tokyo Toni, had ZERO nice things to say about Buu, and is seemingly appalled that her daughter brought little Dream around him. “I don’t think nothing is wrong with children going with their dad until their mothers get better. It happens in every day homes,” Tokyo said in the TMZ interview. “I don’t know if they should keep them, but I do know for a little while, until she pulls her things together, because it’s clear…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see something is terribly wrong,” she went on to say.

Blac’s mom didn’t stop there. “She’s crazy for messing with him,” she went on to say, of her daughter’s relationship with Buu. Mom’s concerns are understandable given Buu’s past. The musician was once charged and convicted with child abuse, a set of resurfaced documents claim. The rapper, whose real name is Markquez Santiago, got into an altercation with his former girlfriend and mother of his child, a minor at the time, reports TMZ.

Blac allegedly got into a violent fight with Kid in Waikiki on Jan. 28, but is it enough for Dream to actually be sent to live with Rob? HollywoodLife got an expert opinion on the matter. When asked if Blac Chyna not taking Dream and going on a trip would be grounds to make such a claim, California Family Law Attorney David T. Pisarra told HL EXCLUSIVELY, “Not really, maybe if it was a pattern, but if it’s a one-off it’s really her word against his. She can say she did tell Rob. I’m not going to say it’s a humongous issue. The bigger issue is if she took the kid to Mexico, or to France, and didn’t tell him, then that would be an issue. The child was fine, so I don’t think the judge is going to get upset with that.”

Watch Blac’s mom go off on her feelings about Kid Buu above! Blac may be moving on from Buu, but it seems like her mom still thinks Dream should spend a little quality time with her dad.

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