Blue Ivy, 9, Just Gave Her Grandmother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, a Makeover

Most of the world is already aware of Blue Ivy’s many talents. From effortlessly twinning with her superstar mom Beyoncé to receiving a Grammy nomination at just 8-years-old, Jay-Z’s daughter is pretty much putting us all to shame, all of the time. And according to her grandmother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Blue Ivy has already added another accolade to her already stacked résumé.

Knowles-Lawson shared a new selfie on Instagram, and revealed that her granddaughter, who turned 9 earlier this month, was responsible for the stunning makeup look. “My talented granddaughter Blue made up my face today,” Knowles-Lawson revealed. “She is only 9 years old can you imagine her at 15 doing my makeup? She Beat My Face ❤️Gonna save me a lot of money on make up artist fees 😂❤️.”

Who needs a makeup artist when you have Blue Ivy on hand?

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In August, Knowles-Lawson got candid about getting divorced during an episode of OWN’s virtual Girlfriends Check In series. She explained, “When I went through my divorce, I was devastated after 33 years of marriage—not because I wanted to stay in a marriage, but just because I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I failed at this.'”

Knowles-Lawson revealed that her daughter, Solange and Beyoncé, helped her to get through the difficult time. “They were my balm,” she explained. “They let me feel sorry for myself for a short period of time, and then they were like, ‘Mama, you’re a bad girl.’ I won’t use the word that they gave me but … they were like, ‘You’ve got so much going, you shouldn’t be feeling like life is over for you,’ that ‘God has something for you.'”

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