Bow Wow Allegedly Goes On Angry Rampage Filming ‘GUHH’ & Smashes Production Equipment

Bow Wow reportedly went off the rails while filming ‘Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta’ on August 30! The rapper allegedly went on a rampage, smashing thousands of dollars worth of production equipment, and attacking anyone in his path.

Bow Wow, 31, has some explaining to do. The rapper allegedly went on an angry rampage while filming Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta on Thursday , August 30, TMZ reports. While celebrating Da Brat, who recently got off probation, at the Westside Cultural Arts Center, Bow reportedly went from 0 to 60 real quick, production sources claim. He allegedly started shattering production gear, busting three cameras during his alleged hit of rage. Bow also allegedly attacked anyone who tried to step in and stop him.

It’s unclear as to why the alleged incident occurred. However, Bow’s demeanor reportedly shifted from a calm state, to someone nobody recognized. Police were reportedly called to the scene, but, it’s unclear if anyone was arrested and/or charged. Da Brat was potentially involved in the alleged scuffle, according to the report.

Like we said, it’s unclear what happened and why, but Bow’s actions have been questionable as of lately. Late Thursday night, after the reported incident, Bow shared numerous cryptic posts on Instagram. He posted nine straight caption-less posts, all of which featured the same image of a heart monitor flatlining. A 10th post followed, which featuring  followed by a tenth a photo of a lifeless hand. Bow has publicly discussed suicide multiple times this year, and even named his next album edicius, which is suicide spelled backwards.

Bow’s alleged rampage came after he went on a Twitter tirade at the end of July, where he threatened to quit the music business all together. Something pissed him off so bad to the point that Bow’s Twitter fingers were going a million miles a minute. In a series of tweets, he threatened to quit fame, sell all his worldly possessions, and he stated that he hates music blogs.

This story is still developing…

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