Brandon Jenner Only Found Out About Half-Sis Kylie's Pregnancy On Instagram!

Kylie Jenner is operating in a completely different world from us mere mortals and has been for, like, ever, but it’d be nice if she at least clued in those literally related to her about life-changing events!

The Kylie Cosmetics head honcho announced earlier this week that she and Travis Scott are expecting their second child together. And while that news is incredible, and the KarJenner fam sure acted accordingly, it seems like Kylie (or perhaps momager Kris Jenner?!?!) may have forgotten to keep a few close family members in the loop.

Exhibit A in this case: Brandon Jenner.

You know him! He is Kylie’s nice-guy older half-brother who shares common parent Caitlyn Jenner and has appeared sparingly in the past on Keeping Up With The Kardashians! He is, of course, the older bro of sexy reality TV bad boy and Hills alum Brody Jenner, and also was formerly part of the musical duo Brandon & Leah with then-wife Leah (Jenner) Felder before the duo separated in 2018 and eventually divorced.

Yes, THAT Brandon Jenner!

Anyways, after Kylie’s big Instagram video reveal showcasing the amazing pregnancy news this week, Brandon popped up in the comments appearing to be caught off guard by it all! Remarking under his little sister’s proud announcement, the musician shared two red heart emojis and wrote (below):

“No way!!!!! Congratulations.”

Almost immediately, fans asked the obvious question: dude, nobody said anything to you beforehand?? One fan simply asked “you didn’t know?” Another one replied more pointedly: “your sister didn’t tell you she was pregnant?”

From there, all hell broke loose, and Brandon’s comment received more than one hundred replies in just a few hours’ time. Some of them absolve Kylie, arguing that she’s not close with Brandon’s side of the family, and so it’s fine if she doesn’t tip them off. Others argue Brandon is one of those people who absolutely should have known prior to the public announcement.

Look for yourself (below), as the debate rages on:

“I would think a brother would know before the world”

“crazy to find out ur sister is pregnant on Instagram! bet none of her other siblings did”

“they aren’t close! Just because they are related by blood doesn’t mean she HAS to tell him.”

“omg, this is so sad, that’s her brother!!”

“imagine finding out on Instagram”

“not her brother finding out she’s pregnant through instagram what”

“Most of her family found out through Instagram except her Mom”

“I’m sure he knew. It’s just an exclamation”

“How can her own brother not know she was pregnant? What a dysfunctional family”

“the Jenner siblings aren’t close as before”

Tough to argue with that last comment, that’s for sure.

One thing to ponder: over the last couple months, we wrote more than a dozen stories about reports and rumors claiming Kylie was pregnant. And we definitely weren’t the only outlet doing that! There were literally hundreds of major stories out there about Kylie’s pregnancy WEEKS before she officially confirmed the baby bump!

While we really don’t expect Brandon Jenner to be a celeb gossip reader, we’re also a little surprised that he didn’t hear any rumblings through the grapevine about a potential pregnancy. Nothing?? None at all?! Even while it was endlessly covered across the entertainment world?!


What do U think Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF about this with your take, down in the comments (below)!

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