Briana DeJesus: I’m Giving Up on Both of My Baby Daddies!

Briana DeJesus has been known to thrown down on social media.

It's sort of a whole thing: she talks a big game online, but when it comes to actually confronting someone in person, she backs down.

That's how it happened with Kailyn Lowry, remember?

They feuded on social media for so long and when Kailyn tried to fight at the reunion, she refused until they were onstage together and security was right there to break it up before it even got started.

Which is fine, by the way — we're not endorsing violence here.

We're just pointing out that Briana has a habit of getting real sassy online and going after various people in her life.

And that's what she just did with both of her baby daddies, Devoin Austin and Luis Miguel.

Settle in, because this is quite a ride …

1.Here We Go

2.Hey, Devoin

3.Hey, Luis

4.Single Mom Status

5.Uh Oh

6.Selling His Soul

7.Not Having It

8.All Done



11.It's Official

12.Oh No

13.She's Had It

14.Luis Who?

15.Some Support




19.So zGiving

20.Sounds Fair

21.Goodness Gracious


23.Shutting It Down

24.The Response

25.His Turn

26.Just the Beginning

27.Follow the Money


29.Pretty Wild


31.Still Going

32.The End

33…. Almost

34.What Next?

35.Throwing It Out There

36.What a History

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