Bristol Palin: Why She’s ‘Not Ready To Date’ After Painful Split With Dakota Meyer

Bristol Palin is feeling ‘content’ being single following her split from Dakota Meyer! She revealed that she’s not looking for any new romantic entanglements now!

Bristol Palin is opening up about her divorce from Dakota Meyer, and she also admitted that she is still not ready to date anyone new. When asked if she was currently seeing somebody, the new Teen Mom OG star responded, “No, this is my purpose. Divorce can be lonely at times, but I am not read to date, and am pretty content with all of THIS!! (and let’s be real, it it’s [SIC] gonna take someone really special to get into a relationship with someone who has 12 babes, and 7 babe daddies on a reality TV show, JERRY, JERRY!)”

But her candidness did not stop there. In response to being asked for her best advice for going through a tough breakup, Bristol responded, “they are freaking harddd… you have to trust God and have peace in knowing His promises to you (look up Jeremiah 29:11).” However, after she was asked if she had any regrets over who she had kids with, the Teen Mom OG star replied, “no, i have the most beautiful babies.”

We reported earlier how Bristol is in a great place since her divorce. “Bristol felt completely disrespected and wants nothing to do with Dakota unless it involves caring for the children,” a source close to Bristol told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Bristol has moved forward and just wants to focus on her kids, and herself. She has put a lot of effort into feeling better about herself, with a healthy diet and exercise, and is in a really good place right now.” We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news about Bristol. In the meantime, check out all of the pics of Bristol and Dakota from when they were together in our gallery above.

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