Britney Spears Reveals How She Eats Hamburgers & Fries But Still Has Abs: Her Workout & Diet Secrets

Britney’s revealing how she eats fast food but still has a rock hard body.

Britney Spears has been showing off her insane abs and incredibly-toned body on Instagram in various workout videos over the past several months, but it turns out she doesn’t actually put as much hard work into her exercise routine as fans may think. Britney recently revealed her diet and fitness secrets in a new interview with People, where she confessed that she still eats fries and hamburgers and “loves food” despite her rock hard body.

Spears – who’s about to embark on her huge “Piece of Me World Tour” this summer – explained in the new interview that eating what she wants and still keeping a slim figure is all about the balance.

“It’s tricky because sometimes my appetite is through the roof and I will just inhale a club sandwich or some fries,” the mom of two said but admitted that she doesn’t go crazy with food all the time. “Then sometimes I’m just very cold and I don’t want to eat anything. It’s really, really weird how back-and-forth I am.”

And when Britney’s in the mood to eat, it sounds like people probably shouldn’t attempt to get in her way.

“When I’m hungry, it’s like ‘Don’t talk to me.’ I am the devil. I am so moody. I’m a b****. I want a hamburger and I want it now!” Spears joked of her love of food, and particularly fast-food. “I love food so much.”

Switching up my workout routine in the gym as I get ready for the #PieceOfMe Tour!! ????

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But while it sounds like Britney would need to work out quite a lot to work off the calories, the star confessed that – despite the flurry of impressive workout and dance videos she shares on Instagram – she actually doesn’t spend a whole lot of time in the gym.

“I don’t work out that much to be totally honest with you,” the “Slumber Party” singer admitted but revealed that she does have a few favorite exercises to keep herself in good shape.

“I like to dance and I like yoga. I found a really good teacher,” Spears told People of keeping fit. “I think yoga is about finding the right teacher, so I can really get into that.”

Staying focused????????????????

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But while she may not actually work out all that much, there’s no doubting that her vigorous dance moves on stage play a big part in carving out Britney’s incredible abs.

As Inquisitr reported, Spears most recently showed off her incredible body in a video posted to her Instagram account earlier this week that showed her running around the garden with her two children, 12-year-old Sean Preston and 11-year-old Jayden James.

The star showed off just how fit she really is in the clip as she sprinted around, racing her boys in a white crop top and short shorts as her dog ran alongside them.

The pop superstar also showed off her seriously ripped abs in a workout video shot in her home gym where Spears could be seen showing off her hard work by sporting a pink sports bra and white booty shorts.

Pop Sugar reported earlier this month that Britney’s boyfriend Sam Asghari also got in on the exercise action in another video she shared with fans in May where she gave her millions of followers a glimpse at their couples workout routine in the gym.

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