Britt Ekland says ex Peter Sellers had everything before he purposely destroyed it

Rod Stewart discusses his relationship with Britt Ekland

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Swedish actress and model Britt Ekland has opened up about her marriage to The Pink Panther star Peter Sellers, claiming that he experienced “extreme lows”. Speaking in an unearthed interview on Olly Smith’s podcast, A Glass With…, the James Bond actress, 79, responded after being asked whether her ex-husband was an “easy character”.

I would say he had his very, very highs and very, very lows

Britt Ekland

The Man With The Golden Gun star spoke candidly about her first husband.

Britt said: “No, I would say he had his very, very highs and very, very lows.

“The only time he really functioned like a normal person is when he was at a dinner party or surrounded by people.

“Because I think, ultimately, there was no Peter Sellers, I think there was just a character,” she added.

Britt went on: “And as soon as he could get hold of that character and perform that character he was the life and soul of everything, but once the character was done and put aside he was just Peter Sellers, there was nothing there.”

The actress went on to claim that he “purposefully destroyed” his “privileged life”, adding that he “had everything”.

She said: “He really had everything.

“He had two beautiful children from his first marriage and there was no problems except that he could not see what a privileged life he had.

“He could not enjoy it and he, sort of, I think actually purposely, kind of destroyed it.

“I think he did it purposely.

“Having said that, I think that he couldn’t help himself,” she added.

The Swedish actress and former Bond girl was married to the Pink Panther star for four years..

Britt has previously spoken about her marriage to the A Shot in the Dark actor, branding him a “very tormented soul” to The Observer.

She also opened up about their relationship in a documentary, which marked the 40th anniversary of his death.

The actress previously claimed that her ex-spouse would threaten her with divorce “every Friday night” before planning a “make-up lunch” on Monday.

The couple met after Sellers saw a photo of Britt in a newspaper while they were both staying at the Dorchester hotel in London.

During their four-year marriage, the couple made three films together and had a daughter, Victoria.

In 1968, the actress was granted an uncontested divorce from the actor by the High Court on the grounds of cruelty.

She went on to date English rockstar, Maggie May hitmaker, Rod Stewart, who she lived with for two years.

Britt went on to marry the drummer for Stray Cats, Slim Jim Phantom, 16 years after her split from Sellers, but they divorced in 1992.

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