Bruce Arians Says Antonio Brown's Bucs Future Up In Air Over Vax Card Scandal

Tom Brady might never throw another pass to Antonio Brown again — ’cause Bruce Arians just announced the receiver’s Bucs future is up in the air following his COVID vaccine card scandal.

The Tampa Bay head coach just broke the news to reporters … saying Brown is not guaranteed a future spot on the Bucs’ roster after the NFL suspended him for submitting a bogus vax card.

“Nothing’s been decided,” Arians said … who added that he was “pissed” over the whole ordeal.

As we previously reported, Brown’s personal chef accused the wideout of seeking and obtaining fraudulent vaccine cards, claiming Brown got them and submitted his fudged one to the league back in July.

Brown, through his attorney, Sean Burstyn, denied the claims … though the NFL announced Thursday it found evidence that “supported” AB’s chef’s allegations.

The league banned Brown from playing in Tampa Bay’s next three games over it all.

The NFL also hit Buccaneers safety Mike Edwards with a three-game suspension for “misrepresenting” his vaccine status as well … and Arians said that player’s future with the team is also up in the air.

“The league did their due diligence and we move on,” Arians said. “I will not address those guys for the next three weeks. They’ll just be working out and then we’ll address their future at that time.”

“Other than that, there’s really nothing to say.”

Both Brown and Edwards are eligible to return to the Bucs for their game against the Panthers on Dec. 26.

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